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Marti Noxon is a television and film writer best known for her work as a writer and executive producer on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She is a graduate of Kresge College at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Besides her work on Buffy, she co-wrote the 1999 movie…more


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  • Marti's Noxious Pen.

    She destroyed Willow and she destroyed BtVS.

    Actually no character escaped a flaying from Marti Noxon's (or should I say Noxious) Pen.

    In nearly every Episode she wrote she either tore the heart out of the characters/took them to places we didnt want them to go/made them have some emotional breakdown/have them do some completely out of character action(i.e sleeping with another person) and then she left them as crumpled emotional wrecks. I can barely force myself to rewatch the episodes she wrote because the characters are no longer being true to who they are. BtVs would have been an even better show had Marti's Noxious Pen not been involved.

    PS I didnt want to put in a "Classification" but I had to. "Overused" seemed the best fit even though I wanted to put "Talentless" or "Worst Thing to Happen"

    PPS Looks like I have to score her as a 1 as it wont let me rate her lower than that...moreless
  • Marti Noxton what?

    Okay I know full well I'm the only one writing and reading this but I just read a bit/review/critic call it what you will on the 'decline' of BtVS and how Marti Noxton was the scapegoat on this aspersion as in the way the whole Willow/Tara storyline ending... well ended. I just can't help but feel while I hated it so much because they wrote the characters so well (lets be honest - we cared for them and their relationship and that's why it hurt and that's why we complain) and we had to see that hardship placed on Willows' shoulders because Buffy is supposed to suffer but the three central characters suffered so much, Buffy her mom died... (and in the words of Bruce from Finding Nemo - "never even knew her father..." well not well enough as she may have liked or all to well as the case may have been) very tough. Zander always the little trooper with the dodgy tipsy parents and then Anja ups and leaves him because he can't commit (I wonder why), so why is Willow so special? 1) Unrequited love with Zander 2) Oz is a werewolf (not my choice for a boyfriend) and then Tara dies / is murdered by (laugh of all laughs they dude the real life person is dating) the nerd turd (a.k.a. the trio) and then it's all forgotten too quick with damn I can't remember her name... Kennedy. Okay well in short and to summarise... best god damn series ever (and I've watched a lotta sidizal) not to sound like a geek (too late) they (the writers) did you/us a favour by holding true (god when did I become such a ranty/ Buffy fanatic?? / hope this comes across as mildly sane... oh oh too late - the most I can hope for now is that I spelt stuff correctly?) to the story/characters and made the tough decisions that writers from other series(the x-files and ...) couldn't make and they are denigrated for it...? nay, I say hail! oh and Rebecca Rand Kirshner is doing a stand up job on TGG's.

    Final word, I miss all the clever, whitty, pop culture remarks from Buffy.moreless