Martin Clunes

Martin Clunes


11/28/1961, Wimbledon, South London, England, UK

Birth Name

Alexander Martin Clunes


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Born in Wimbledon, South London in 1961, to Daphne and Alec Clunes. A classically trained actor, Alec passed away when Martin was eight. Martin was married to Lucy Aston between 1990 and 1997. He is currently married to Philippa Braithwaite, with whom he has a daughter, Emily (b.…more


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    • (On living by the Thames)
      Martin Clunes: At the weekend, we'd get woken up by the beep of the mud-larks' metal detectors. If you go to the Museum of London, you can buy replica Roman coins, which I'm ashamed to say I used to lob out the window the night before.

    • (On "Doc Martin")
      Martin Clunes: But you are not really meant to like the Doc. Heaven forbid that anyone should warm to him. He comes a cropper all the time, and he doesn't try to redeem himself in this series.

    • (On the support he received from Jeremy Brett when he went into acting)
      Martin Clunes: He was terribly encouraging in my father's absence. He returned from America to play Sherlock Holmes just as I was leaving drama school. He came to see me in a production and he was just fantastic, praising me in a way that maybe a parent never could. He made you feel so special.

    • (On the move from sitcom to "Doc Martin")
      Martin Clunes: It's the sort of humour I like - it takes you by surprise. The laughs come out of genuine characters and situations. There is more than just a grumpy man in there – he knows he's rude and abrupt.

    • (On airports).
      Martin Clunes: The worst place to be famous. People are beside themselves with excitement - and have a camera. It's never really a problem though because you whistle through to the first-class lounge where you are studiously ignored.


    MY FAVORITE Dont watch shows that are in episodes but I I love this show! I cant get enough! I have to search the internet, and everywhere to find him! I love this show I haven't seen a bad episode yet! Two thumbs up to the writers as well!
  • Voices Kipper on Kipper.

    Kipper is one of my favorite shows. I have not seen that show in ages and was delighted to pick up a DVD for the show. I watched and remembered what it was like when it first came on. This is the man behind Kippers voice. I am glad that he is voicing him. He does so well at it.