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    • (On living by the Thames)
      Martin Clunes: At the weekend, we'd get woken up by the beep of the mud-larks' metal detectors. If you go to the Museum of London, you can buy replica Roman coins, which I'm ashamed to say I used to lob out the window the night before.

    • (On "Doc Martin")
      Martin Clunes: But you are not really meant to like the Doc. Heaven forbid that anyone should warm to him. He comes a cropper all the time, and he doesn't try to redeem himself in this series.

    • (On the support he received from Jeremy Brett when he went into acting)
      Martin Clunes: He was terribly encouraging in my father's absence. He returned from America to play Sherlock Holmes just as I was leaving drama school. He came to see me in a production and he was just fantastic, praising me in a way that maybe a parent never could. He made you feel so special.

    • (On the move from sitcom to "Doc Martin")
      Martin Clunes: It's the sort of humour I like - it takes you by surprise. The laughs come out of genuine characters and situations. There is more than just a grumpy man in there – he knows he's rude and abrupt.

    • (On airports).
      Martin Clunes: The worst place to be famous. People are beside themselves with excitement - and have a camera. It's never really a problem though because you whistle through to the first-class lounge where you are studiously ignored.