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  • Great Actor

    Martin Cummins is a great actor. He's done a really good job in alot of show but my main thing is first that I'm the only person who wrote on here and that he's rarly in anything now adays. This man has amazing talent which should be used more. He has a great fan base though not shown here yet. So don't judge him from lack of reviews.
  • Totally cool

    Martin Cummins is a great actor. He really pulled off the bad guy in Dark Angel. Which is why at frist I could not stand him but then I watched him on The Legacy and was like wow. He may not get to play it a lot but he is really good at being a good guy. His part in Devour wasn't really explained as much as it should have been but it was still good acting. And as for Murder at Presido even I thought he didn't help kill his wife now that's double good acting. and if he does more shirtless secenes or I finally see Black Widow his score will so go up. Cause he is Sexy! I'd also like to say how stupid it is that like no one else has posted on here. Cause when actors are good you should say so