Martin Garralaga





11/10/1894 , Barcelona Cataluna, Spain



Birth Name



Martin Garralaga was a Spanish actor who has starred in over a hundred films and television shows. He is extremely prolific and was often sought after for his flexibility and versatility. He was born on November 10, 1894 in Barcelona, Cataluna, Spain. He broke into acting in 1935 in the gunslinger Western, The Law of 45's. This immediately positioned him to play Latin roles in a number of the old Westerns, just at the time that the genre was rising in popularity. He went on to star in Song of the Gringo and The Fighting Gringo in the next two years. Perhaps the most noted film in his filmography is Casablanca, in which he played only a minor role. He himself became widely known in the public eye for his role as Pancho in the Cisco Kid series. He would go on to star in The Snows of Kilamanjaro, The Ring, and Island of the Blue Dolphins. He died in 1981.