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  • Martin Milner was one of my first kiddie-crushes, back when I wasn't old enough to know what to do with a boy if I cornered one!

    I just knew that "Pete Malloy" was the best thing since sliced bread and I wanted to be a cop just like him. Unfortunately, in those days women cops never saw the inside of a squad car, and then fortunately I grew up and moved on.
    I've been watching Adam 12 reruns lately, and have also bought some of the Route 66 DVD's as well as some of his old movies. "Sweet Smell of Success" was a superb film-noir, though the story for my hero was not a happy one. Even as a 14 year old freckle faced boy in "Life with Father", he was a cutie...I still think HE should have got Elizabeth Taylor in that movie...
    If you look at his IMDb bio, he was really doing a lot of work throughout his career and yet I don't believe he ever got the recognition he deserved. On the other hand, from what Milner himself says about his career, he did get all the satisfaction he wanted, and I guess in the end that makes him better than most.
    I think so, anyway... :o}