Martin Mull

Martin Mull


8/18/1943, Chicago, Illinois, USA

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A classically trained artist, Martin fell into acting by stages. While still a student and struggling artist, Martin began writing songs and performing. First as part of a group called Soop, he performed on one album called In the Soop. Subsequent albums were under his own name, although…more


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  • Absolutely wonderful...

    Martin Mull is one of my favorite voice actors. He plays one of my favorite characters on the TV series Danny Phantom. Danny Phantom is my favorite show and it's mostly because of Vlad Masters. Vlad Masters is Danny's equal and enemy. They're both humans and ghosts. Vlad is more powerful and he always tries to get Danny to join him and become his son. Danny refuses, and it starts a rivalry between them. The voice Martin chose to use for Vlad is perfect! It's snobby, demanding, and somewhat crazy - which is perfect for a crazed up fruitloop, lol. Martin Mull is also a pretty good actor. One of my favorite movies he's in is Mr. Mom. That movie is hilarious! He was also in some other movies that I've seen, such as Mrs. Doubtfire and Jingle All the Way.moreless
  • Way to go!!!

    Martin Hull is very talented and handsome. His voice is awesome and he is an outstanding actor!!! His success is due to his excellence in many movies and Tv shows!! I love when he plays Vlad in Danny Phantom!!! Anyway, hes a great actor!!! Now if you don't mind. g g g