Martin P. Robinson





3/9/1954 , Dearborn, Michigan, USA

Birth Name




Martin P. Robinson is a puppeteer who is best known for his stints as "Telly Monster," "Slimey the Worm," "Mr. Snuffleupagus," and "Tony The Turtle" on Sesame Street. Martin, who performed these characters for 20 years, was born on March 9, 1954 in Dearborn, Michigan. This Muppet performer studied in Brookfield East High School. He worked both as a puppeteer and designer in the hit Off-Broadway production of "Little Shop of Horrors" and in its film version. Martin works for the Jim Henson Company. He portrayed Riff on "Allegra's Window" and was the puppeteer for Leonardo in "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles." He is also the voice and appearance of the puppet Tollie in the Nestle's Toll House cookie commercials in 1991. In 2008, Martin married Annie Evans on the set of Sesame Street in Queens, New York. He has twin daughters with her named Lyra and Ripley. He also has four other children from a previous nuptial.