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Born in Sydney in 1959, Martin never had any desire to do acting. He liked sport more than art, but took up a chef apprenticeship. Martin's older brother persuaded him to audition for an Australian episode of The Love Boat, he got the part, and spent four weeks cruising the Pacific Ocean. When he got cut out of it, and didn't even appear in a episode, he didn't really care because he got a free holiday.

Pushed on by his persistent brother, Martin fronted up to the Grundy organisation on return home from his cruise. At age 20, and no desire to act and possibly no talent, he scored a role in the soap The Restless Years. He played an illiterate country boy by the name of Adam Lee.

For 12 months he says, 'I bluffed my way through', sometimes shaking so much at the knees they had to film him above the waist! 'I was scared witless! I used to mumble all the other actors' lines, too, so when they cut to me I'd be muttering away their lines.'

Martin headed to America, where he spent the next 18 months doing analysis s at Stella Adler's drama school in New York City and 'started taking acting a bit more seriously'. Back in Sydney in 1981, he signed up with an agent and started winning guest roles on popular shows like A Country Practice and Cop Shop. 'I used to play a lot of "nuffies", crazy people,' says Martin. 'Here I was, supposedly an actor. I hadn't paid any dues. I was embarrassed that I was getting paid for it! And you live in fear of being found out.' His big break came in 1985 with the lead role of bus driver Des Tunkley in the film Emoh Ruo ('Our Home' spelt backwards), starring Max Phipps, Phillip Quast and Joy Smithers. It was directed by Denny Lawrence.

From here on, he got roles in a fair few different films and television series, until 1994 when he won the audition in Blue Heelers, for PJ Shultz, later changed to PJ Hasham, where we know him today. The logies keep pouring in for the show and Martin

Martin Sacks married Kate Allen in January 1999.