Martin Short





3/26/1950 , Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Birth Name

Martin Short




A great comedic performer, whose expressive face and body enable him to change himself, into any one of a dozen characters. He is a native-born Canadian who initially wowed audiences as one of the "SCTV" comedy troupe. He received the Earl Grey Award for his work in SCTV at the Gemini in Toronto, 1995. Short's self-created original characters, spot-on impersonations of real-life personalities (from Jerry Lewis to Katharine Hepburn), improvisational skills, and flair for physical comedy won him a berth on "Saturday Night Live" (1984-85 season) before director John Landis paired him with Steve Martin and Chevy Chase in the cowboy-hero spoof Three Amigos (1986).
He is currently living with his wife, Nancy Dolman, his 3 children - 1 daughter (Katherine born in 1984) and 2 sons (Oliver born in 1987 and Henry, born in 1990). The 5'8" year old man, and graduated from Westdale High School in Hamilton Ontario before attending McMaster University in Hamilton. He was trained to be a social worker but got bit by the acting bug after taking a part in a production of "Godspell" in Toronto, Ontario.
His brother died when he was 12. By 20 years of age, both his parents also passed away.