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  • Trivia

    • In 2014, Martin won another Emmy Award for Outstanding Variety Special in his work on AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Mel Brooks.

    • His father was an immigrant from Crossmaglen, Northern Ireland and his mother was of English and Irish ancestry.

    • In 1983, Martin won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing in a Variety or Music Program in his work on SCTV Network: Sweeps Week.

    • In 1994, Martin Short received The Order of Canada, for his contribution to Canadian culture.

    • Martin Short was Mel Brooks' original first choice to star as Leo Bloom in his Broadway version of The Producers a role that eventually went to Matthew Broderick.

    • Martin Short is one of very few ex-SNL cast members who have made a guest appearances on rival sketch comedy show MadTV.

    • Martin Short's first television role was playing a giant Visa card in a TV commercial.

    • In 1999, Martin Short won a Tony Award for "Best Actor in a Musical" for his performance in the Broadway play Little Me.

    • In 1995, Martin Short received the Earl Grey Award for his work in SCTV.

    • Although Martin Short maintains his Canadian citizenship he also has become a naturalized U.S. citizen.

    • For a period in the early 1970s, Martin Short dated Gilda Radner.

    • Martin Short went to McMaster University alongside fellow comedians Eugene Levy and Dave Thomas, both of who encouraged Martin to pursue a career in comedy.

    • Martin Short first became interested in show business career when he was cast in a production of Godspell in 1972. Interestingly also in the same production were Victor Garber, Gilda Radner, Eugene Levy, Dave Thomas and Andrea Martin. Paul Shaffer was the musical director.

    • When he was young Martin Short lost his brother David in 1962 (car accident) and later lost both his parents, his mother passing away in 1970, and is father in 1972.

    • Martin Short has a show business brother Michael Short, who is a comedy writer.

    • Martin Short graduated from McMaster University, with a degree in Social Work, in 1972.

    • Martin Short attended Westdale Secondary School, in Hamilton Ontario.

    • Martin starred as Jack Frost in the 2006 film The Santa Clause 3:The Escape Clause. His other starring movie roles were in The Three Amigos! (1986), Really Weird Tales (1987), Innerspace (1987), The Big Picture (1989), Three Fugitives (1989), Pure Luck (1991), Father of the Bride (1991), Captain Ron (1992), Money for Nothing (1993), Clifford (1994), Father of the Bride Part II (1995) and Mars Attacks! (1996).

  • Quotes

    • Martin Short: I started out in Pre-Meds at McMaster. Until I realized I wasn't interested in science; I was just a fan of Richard Chamberlain's work.

    • Martin Short: You can never be too broad with a character. And it's scary in reality when you meet a person stranger that the characters you've created.

    • Martin Short: Gene Hackman once said he was amazed how small he could go with a character. I'm amazed at how big I can go because people are so out there in real life.

    • Martin Short: (on why "The Martin Short Show" failed) What I learned, a little too late, was that the "traditional" Martin Short target viewer weighs under 300 pounds. Unfortunately, I was on during daytime.

    • Martin Short: I truly believe that when you're funny, you're blessed. Your whole life is kind of golden. I was happy, although it was not perfect happiness. There was illness and sadness and death.

    • Martin Short: (on why he remains in show business) Two words, sweetie... balloon mortgage, and the need to be loved.

    • Martin Short: What's great about being a character actor is you know that you can survive forever. It's not about the gloss of your eyebrows... One of my great influences was Don Knotts as Barney Fife.