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Martin Yan

Martin Yan


5/22/1949, Guangzhou, China

Birth Name

Zhen Wenda


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  • Host of one of the longest-running cooking shows on television.

    Martin Yan is possessed of a relentlessly bubbly personality and the ability to impart his cooking skills in a funny, easy-to-understand way. You will not get stuck trying to parse out the impenetrable secrets of an elaborate recipe with him. Although you may indeed see dishes that take a while to fix, Yan is always careful to show you what each ingredient means, and to bring a smile to your face.

    Other cooking shows are almost like being trapped in a lab during experiments. Martin remembers that it's supposed to be fun. Food is to be enjoyed. He's also taken us along on tours of the places he goes to get special items, and even to his favorite restaurants. From time to time you'll get to meet his family or his mentors. Martin is warm, personable and real.

    Yan's culinary skill has been distilled into several different cookbooks.

    'Yan Can Cook' is still on the tv schedule in some areas and worth tracking down. Seeing it, you'll know what a cooking show is meant to be.moreless