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Martina McBride


Martina McBride Fan Reviews (5)

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  • Angelic voice

    and quality, inspiring lyrics.
  • She is truely, deeply, a different type a singer; different in the good way!

    She is truely, deeply, a different type a singer; different in the good way! Martina's vice is original. It has a beauty like none other. When I was younger, I did not like music as much as I do know (odd since i was a dancer). But one day I was listening to the radio in my bedroom, and a song came up that I just loved! I was dancing and singing (probably making up half the lyrics) all around my room; I had fallen in llove with that song. I later learned the song's name: This One's For the Girl's. Martina opened me up into a whole knew world of music; one which I hadn't known before. She was the first person to actually get me to love listening to music, especially hers. I think one of the reasons people love her so much is because she is real. She's a real person with three real daughts. She has real problems, has a real voice, and has real songs we can all relate to. What I'm trying to say is, Matina McBride is one of the most influential people i my life; she has a beautiful voice which is rarely noticed, so please listen to her. Notice her. You won't regret it!
  • empty

    I love Martina McBride she is my favorite country singer. I love all of her songs. My favorite is Independance Day. I love Martina and I hope she continues to sing.
  • She is one of the best country singers I've heard of.

    I like everything about Martina McBride. She is a very good country singer. I love all of her songs. She also has very good looks, and she's pretty! She has a beautful voice. She is a very talented woman. I love listening to her in my car, room, ect. I always hear her on the radio, too! Best female country singer... besides Shania Twain!
  • Martina has an AMAZING voice

    Martina McBride is easily my favorite female country singer. She has an AMAZING voice, and her songs are so touching. Every time I hear Concrete Angel I tear up. I listen to her CDs constantly and I would love to go to her concert sometime soon. I would definitely recommend her to any country music fan, and others too! Check her out!