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  • The Stone Fish

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 24 - 2/16/97

    The growing frequency of the seismic tremors causes Commander Wellington to call for voluntary evacuations of ORCA personnel. Cass tells Morgan to "drop dead" when Morgan gets after Jason for wanting to skip a survey dive. Jason's dive with Morgan ends abruptly when Morgan is stung by a stonefish, requiring her to be rushed back to ORCA. Cass feels guilty for what she said to her sister earlier. Sallyanne tries to talk to Jason about how she feels about him but he dismisses her to join his friends who are preparing to intercept the Synchronium transfer from Mr. Lee to Dr. Hellegren. Brett stows away on the UBRI vessel and when the are out at sea, he disables the craft and steals the Synchronium piece. Brett jumps overboard where Neri and Mera are waiting just as the Coast Guard arrives to board the UBRI vessel-Benny faxed them to tell them about UBRI's involvement with Opal smuggling. Having losing another piece of the Synchronium, Dr. Hellegren tells Kal that his most important job now is to locate where the Neri is hiding the Synchronium pieces.moreless
  • The Safe Deposit Key

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 22 - 2/2/97

    The cadets' exam results are in and after looking at hers, Sallyanne tells Jason he would be better off with another partner. Mera reveals to Neri and her friends that Charlie's song is the trigger that activates the Synchronium. Kal overhears this and quickly goes to tell Dr. Hellegren. Hellegren meanwhile has to contend with his financiers who are anxious for results. Mera is taken to ORCA and introduced to Benny, Cass and Lena. Neri and Mera talk Lena into stealing the key her father wears around his neck—it is the only way to gain access to the Synchronium that UBRI has. Outside the Hellegren home, Kal makes a surprise appearance wanting to help. After Lena gets them into the house and Neri is about to get the key, Kal intentionally knocks over a vase waking Hellegren. They are all able to escape but do not get the key. Disappointed about her scholastic performance so far, Sallyanne wants to quit but decides against it after saving Jason when a bulkhead is breached.moreless
  • Water in the Desert

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 21 - 1/26/97

    Neri has Kal promise not to leave the island again. Lena uses HELEN to locate another piece of the Synchronium. Mera appears to Neri to again warns her that time is running out. The next day, Neri and Kal are on ORCA, but when asked to pinpoint the landing area of the Synchronium, Kal says he cannot. Kal tells Neri he is going back to the island to have a swim and think about problem but he instead goes to see Dr. Hellegren to tell him about the new piece. Hellegren isn't anxious to sent UBRI forces after it, instead preferring to let the kids find it and then take all the pieces at once after Kal discovers where they are hidden. Lena does her best to pinpoint the location of the Synchronium, but must use more of HELEN's resources to do so. Unfortunately an earthquake hits at that moment and the Commander quickly discovers the extra strain on HELEN when he is unable to access HELEN. As punishment for their actions, Lena, Cass, Brett, and Benny are assigned to clean-up detail-with Morgan as their supervisor. Neri ventures into the outback on her own to recover the Synchronium but succumbs to the heat. She is found by an aboriginal girl who takes her back to her family's campsite. There she is told a story about a water spirit who crashed to earth creating the water hole before them. Realising what the story means, Neri dives to the bottom of the water hole and finds the piece of the Synchronium. Finished with their clean-up duty, Cass takes out her frustrations on Morgan. Neri, exhausted from her walk back to the shore and her swim to the island, is met on the island by her friends. That night, as Neri sleeps, a spaceship lands on the island-Mera has returned to help her sister.moreless
  • Charlie is Stranded

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 17 - 12/29/96

    Brett tries unsuccessfully to get Kal to come out of the spaceship. Dianne is granted a tribunal hearing to voice her concerns about the effects UBRI's construction is having on the fault line. During the hearing a tremor hits causing panic on ORCA and causing Charlie to beach himself. Neri recruits her friends on ORCA to try and rescue him. Jason leaves his post to help out and Sallyanne must cover for him when the Commander asks her where he is. The tribunal allows UBRI to continue their construction, but without blasting. Kal comes to ORCA looking for Brett but ends up talking with Sallyanne since everyone else is helping with Charlie. Needing additional help to free Charlie, Jason recruits Winston who helps place a sling under Charlie so that he can be towed off the sandbar. Returning to the island, Kal asks Neri why he wasn't asked to help with Charlie, unhappy with her answer, he walks away. On a secluded sandbar, Kal is observed and photographed by UBRI.moreless
  • The Helicopter Exam

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 12 - 11/24/96

    Neri continues to teach Kal about feelings. Cass is still having her dreams about her time on Neri's island and now remembers Brett being there. Lena overhears her father and Kellar talking about their plans for creating a news bulletin to lure some of the kids from ORCA to an island to find out exactly what they know about the alien device. Jason is uneasy about his helicopter flight test and is unable take the controls. Kal searches the spaceship for a gift left to him by his parents. Benny and Brett arrive and find him playing a strange musical instrument and crying, Brett explains to Kal why people cry. Seeing the news bulletin created by UBRI, Brett and Neri head off to the remote island looking what they believe to be another piece of the Synchronium. Lena arrives on ORCA to warn the Bates brothers about the trap but she is too late to stop Brett, she does find Jason and warn him. Needing to get to Brett and Neri quickly, Jason goes on another helicopter test with Morgan and diverts to the island to warn Brett and Neri. Upset by his failed plan, Dr. Hellegren suspects a leak in the UBRI chain of command but it is Kellar who learns who tipped off their plan.moreless
  • Benny in Trouble

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 10 - 11/10/96

    Neri moves the Synchronium piece to her secret underwater cave to keep it safe. Benny's father chastises him for spending time with Brett and Cass instead of studying. Cass finds a young boy on ORCA who swam to ORCA from the ship that was taking him and his family home after they were refused refugee status, she keeps him a secret and brings him food. Brett and Benny go in search of sunken treasure but when a valuable piece of equipment falls overboard, Benny goes after it and runs out of oxygen. Charlie calls Neri to rescue him revealing to him her presence. Benny lies to the commander about the incident to keep Neri a secret. Cass' stowaway is discovered and he is turned over to immigration officials. Lena gains access to her father's files about Neri.moreless
  • Diving Around Obstacles

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 5 - 8/31/96

    Concerned about Kal's development, Neri asks Jason to talk to him. After telling him to stay on the island, Kal follows Neri to ORCA. Brett, Benny and Cass are given diving lessons for their failed practical joke on Morgan. After their lesson, Benny sees Kal aboard the boat starting the motor and then diving overboard, he tries to tell people what he saw be no one will believe him and instead accuse him of starting the boat. Dr. Hellegren brings Lena to ORCA where Brett tells her about some of the things her father has done but she won't believe them.

  • Draining the Spaceship

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 3 - 8/17/96

    Jason and Brett steal a pump from UBRI supplies on ORCA so they can pump out the spaceship.

    Cass and Brett trade practical jokes but when they team up to get Cass's sister Morgan, they also catch the Commander in their soapy trap.

    Jason is teamed up with Sallyanne for a training exercise, but their first drill does not go well. With the spacecraft pumped out, Neri and Jason enter the ship.

    They are joined by Brett, who has been scrubbing the floors on ORCA for his role in the practical joke on Morgan, and the trio come across a person in a sealed chamber, still alive.moreless
  • Amnesia

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 2 - 8/10/96

    Brett talks Jason and Neri into looking for a way into the spacecraft they found buried on Neri's island their search is unsuccessful.

    Brett and Benny meet Cassandra, a new arrival from ORCA's sister station near Florida. Cass takes out a sailboat, but with a storm coming and a damaged sail, she seeks shelter on Neri's island.

    The following day Neri finds an entrance to the spaceship that was uncovered by the storm. When Jason and Brett come to the island, Cass sees them with Neri before fixing the sail on her boat and heading back to ORCA.

    Distracted by the sight of Neri in the water ahead of her, Cass is struck by the boat's boom and is knocked unconscious. Back on ORCA an anxious Jason and Brett discover Cass has amnesia and cannot remember what happened to her.

    Jason tells Brett to become friends with Cass to keep her from telling about Neri if she gets her memory back.

    Dr. Hellegren goes to visit his daughter at her boarding school, she pleads with him to be allowed to spend her vacation at home.moreless