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  • This guy is a talentless hack. His only claim to fame was once being married to Shirley Jones. Give me a break! The voice of PAC-MAN? Who cares! Now he\'s suing me because I threw him off my radio show for being too old! GET A LIFE!

    This crotchety old fart has the nerve to sue ME for throwing his dusty old butt off my radio show! He\'s almost 70 years old for Christ\'s sake! The demographic of my show is males aged 25 to 34. He\'s TWICE the age of my target audience. Now that he\'s in the twilight of his career, he feels the need to garner some publicity for himself by filing a frivolous lawsuit against me. What a joke! This knucklehead has better things to do with afternoons than call my show - like ordering his casket and making sure all his funeral arrangements are in order. After all, he\'s almost 70 years old! Shame on you, old man. You should be ashamed of yourself.