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Keen surfer and snowboarder Marty is possibly the most laid-back contestant in this year's competition, and brings his equally laid-back brand of acoustic surfer rock to the competition. Introduced to the guitar by his brother, Marty admits he was "pretty ordinary" when he first started, but has improved…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • During the time Marty was on Australian Idol, he was forced to ring the police after he and fellow contestant, Matt Corby, were continuously hounded by paparazzi.

    • Some of Marty's favorites:
      Marty's favorite movie: The Shawshank Redemption, Scarface
      Marty's favorite album: The Police's Synchronicity
      Marty's favorite TV shows: Simpsons, Seinfeld, Family Guy, and Deal or No Deal
      Marty's favorite food: Spicy food or seafood
      Marty's favorite colour: Rainbow

    • Marty has a tattoo on his arm that was inspired by The Police's Synchronicity album.

    • Marty found it hard to name his first album. He had two options: "Walking Out The Door" or "The Way We Are."

    • Marty is a fan of Jeff Buckley and would most like to perform a duet with him.

    • Prior to appearing on Australian Idol, Marty's occupation was as a bricklayer.

    • Marty is a talented guitarist and writes his own material.

    • As at November 2007, Marty resides on the Central Coast of New South Wales.

    • Marty believe the best piece of advice given to him is, "No good musician ever turns down a gig."

    • Marty only auditioned for Australian Idol in 2007 due to his mother's "nagging" him to do it.

    • Marty's hobbies include surfing as well as snowboarding, His guitar is one of his treasured possessions.

    • Sam, the Australian Idol house manager, stated Marty and Daniel Mifsud were the two messiest people in the house.

    • Marty's first job was washing dishes when he was 14 years old.

  • Quotes

    • Marty: (asked why "Australian Idol" is important to the music industry) It promotes Aussie artists, very talented Australian artists, who otherwise wouldn't be noticed.

    • Marty: (asked if he had a strategy to win "Australian Idol") I don't think so. I'm already here in the top 12. I don't feel like I've got to win it to be satisfied. Just show what I've got to offer and just show who I am and that's all I can do. I just want to start having some really solid performances.

    • Marty: (on what the best thing about being on "Australian Idol" is) Growing and learning as an artist. The great people I've met. Being given the opportunity to get my stuff out there and be noticed.

    • Marty: (on his dream theme night on "Australian Idol") Reggae. I think it would be great seeing everybody in the crowd skanking to some Bob Marley.

    • Marty: (on the best thing about being on "Australian Idol") Growing and learning as an artist. The great people I've met. Being given the opportunity to get my stuff out there and be noticed.

    • Marty: (asked how he prepares himself before a performance) Trying to keep relaxed by playing the guitar over and over. I usually drink tea before a performance to help my voice.

    • Marty: (on some of the perks of being on "Australian Idol") I've got heaps of clothes now. I do a few clothes hook-ups with some people, which is sweet. It's the most clothes I've ever had in my life.

    • Marty: (on what aspects other than a good voice gives a singer star quality) A bright personality will definitely help in this program. I've been really drawn into some of the Idol's musicianship. Some of them can really rip on the instruments.

    • Marty: (on his feelings at his first audition) A lot of anxiety from the long hours of waiting. It's all been overwhelming. There were so many cool cats but everyone helped me deal with the emotions we were all going through.

    • Marty: (asked when he first realised he wanted to become a professional singer) I began singing with my guitar. I was pretty ordinary at the time, but I've most definitely improved a little.

    • Marty: (on his love life) I had a girlfriend for three years, but we broke up when I was 20. Coming out of all that has given me so much more space as a person and a musician, and I'm enjoying the freedom. Career-wise, I'm enjoying being single because I have so much ahead of me. I want to get my stuff done.

    • Marty: (on competing on "Australian Idol") This is any man's dream. All the girls… It's going to be great! At the same time, I don't want it to get to me because I want to stay focused. I'm ready to reap the rewards after I get done with all the stuff I need to get done.