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Mary Alice Haney

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  • Beautiful, sexy, adorable.

    Mary, well when ever I watch this show I usually wait till she comes on. Wondered if anyone considered ambushing her for a makeover. Just A thought. Anyway, I like what she does with regards to makig over an individual but I am a little apprehensive about about her, like the other hosts almost always have all the girls get shoulder or above hair length. I was wondering what was wrong with keeping her hair longer as oppose to shorter which happens in almost all cases. Color always seems to be a major paret of the makeover but what is wrong with keeping the individual with the same hair color with a darker or light touch to it. Personaly I don't see or like the the idea of women having there hair only shoulder length long or shorter. Some of the girls I have seen probably could have looked even sexier with longer hair. However this show is/was geared on short hair for women shoulder and up and for men the clean short hair cut look seem to be the dominant style on this show. Show can be one dimension at times. HOwever I stll enjoy seeing her as the host love ya Mary Alicemoreless