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    • Mary Beth: I don't care if it's daytime, nighttime, movies or Taco Bell. I just want to work.

    • Mary Beth: (on her family's Christmas tradition) My grandmother once gave me a box of antique dolls that she had, that I've put on my Christmas tree for probably 15 years. When there are big gaps between the branches, I take the bigger dolls and shove them in there. They're little, handmade dolls from Europe that are kind of like rag dolls. They're really cool and fun. I don't know where she got them. I always find spots for them on my tree, even though I really like shiny things. I always look for light reflective ornaments.

    • Mary Beth: (on husband Michael) He's the greatest. We've been together for a really long time. I met him when I was 19. We've changed so much since then, but we grew together. We have a fabulous relationship. We hardly ever argue because we've done all that. We went through all the horrible things before we got married. Now it's basically smooth sailing. It was love at first sight for both of us. We had a couple of dates and I moved back to Chicago where he was. It was a spur of the moment thing. We knew. And it certainly worked.

    • Mary Beth: (after the birth of her first child, Daniel) I'm a very calm mother. Nothing really fazes me. Certain things I don't think are important. You have to be happy and supportive of him. I'm relaxed and very loving with him. And kiss him all the time! So we want a million kids now! The next one probably won't be so mellow and then we'll say, 'Okay this is it.' We're all kind of adjusting. At first Michael and I, after being alone for so long, we're saying, 'Who's that little guy over there on the couch?

    • Mary Beth: (on Days Of Our Lives co-star Stephen Nichols) We really love each other personally. I think we're very lucky that we get along so well as a couple. We really care about each other and give so much. When we're doing a scene, we zero in on each other. It really is between us. We're always in it together. We really pay attention and tune into one another.

    • Mary Beth: (on how her project of selling pies came about) Stephen [Nichols] and I were tossing around some ideas for a show called, Mary Beth Is In The House. I told him to come over and I'll make this pie, and he videotaped me making it. One week later, my husband had read something in the newspaper about ordering apple pies. He says, 'You should do that with your pies'. so I put it on the internet. I looked at the video that we shot as I thought it would be cute to have a video on my pie website, but I had my jewellery in the pie crust and on my sleeves, so we thought we needed to make a tidier version. We had garage lights clipped onto ladders. Stephen was the sound guy, grip, gaffer and cameraman, and edited and put the music to it. It's really cute.

    • Mary Beth: (on the Patch & Kayla moments on Days Of Our Livesshe is especially proud of) One meaningful moment for me is when Patch died on the show. I felt very strongly that Kayla should climb into bed with him after he died.

    • Mary Beth: (on knowing the Patch & Kayla characters on Days Of Our Lives are beloved icons of soap genre) It's really an honour. The characters are so important to us. We always felt there were more stories to tell. The fans always recognise me as Kayla, even though I have done lots of other soaps. Fans always asked me when I was coming back to Days Of Our Lives. It was so important in the first scenes for the reuniting and the meeting-up to be right. The fans have waited for it and we have waited for it.

    • Mary Beth: (on the chemistry between her and Days Of Our Lives co-star Stephen Nichols) There has been chemistry with other actors, but it's different than what we have. We have known each other for 20 years, and we pay attention and listen to each other. We're not offended by criticism, and we make it a process when we work together. I've never had that anywhere else. Most of the shows I've worked on, people don't even want to run lines, so you're on your own 'till you get on the set. There's no rhythm and it's clunky.