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    • Mary Beth: (on how her project of selling pies came about) Stephen [Nichols] and I were tossing around some ideas for a show called, Mary Beth Is In The House. I told him to come over and I'll make this pie, and he videotaped me making it. One week later, my husband had read something in the newspaper about ordering apple pies. He says, 'You should do that with your pies'. so I put it on the internet. I looked at the video that we shot as I thought it would be cute to have a video on my pie website, but I had my jewellery in the pie crust and on my sleeves, so we thought we needed to make a tidier version. We had garage lights clipped onto ladders. Stephen was the sound guy, grip, gaffer and cameraman, and edited and put the music to it. It's really cute.