Mary Birdsong

Mary Birdsong


4/18/1968, Tallahasse, Florida

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Mary Birdsong


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    • [On the differences between Reno 911! and the movie Reno 911!: Miami]
      Mary Birdsong: There truthfully was not a whole lot of difference between the two as far as acting goes. The locations were different, and we had bigger toys to play with. And the schedule was tighter. But it was probably more different and more challenging for the production and technical staff than the writers. The movie was improvised and mapped out in the same way the series is.

    • Mary Birdsong: I was always actively seeking roles in television and film and theatre simultaneously. I never drew a line and said 'now I'm going to pursue theatre, or now I'm going to pursue TV, etc'. It was just the way things worked out. For years it felt as if I wasn't being let into the theatre "clique" and was thought of as a TV actress. But the majority of my years performing have actually been on stage.

    • [On how she got her role on Reno 911!]
      Mary Birdsong: My agent called me and said I had an audition for it. He gave me the description of what they were looking for. It was pretty general, but we were encouraged to come in with our own more specific versions of the new cop. I met with Tom Lennon, Kerri Kenney and Ben Garant then improvised answers to questions they "interviewed" me with as my character. Then I was asked to do an improv scene with Tom. A couple of weeks later I got the call that they wanted me in the role. I think I actually jumped up and down on Sunset Boulevard when I got the call.

    • [What her pre-show rituals are]
      Mary Birdsong: I have developed an odd OCD-like habit of eating a ZONE chocolate mint protein bar before every show. And usually a big cup of coffee or some tea I make in the dressing room. And I always put some bag balm on my hands. No idea why.

    • [On Martin Short]
      Mary Birdsong: I got a call from my agency that I had an audition for this workshop, and I guess I did well, because I got a callback. All of a sudden, Marty Short was there! I mean, you try to forget that this guy is an icon and someone you've watched and admired for years, but it's tough.