Mary Carillo

Mary Carillo


3/15/1957, Queens, New York, USA

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Mary Carillo


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Mary Carillo was born in Queens, New York in the late 50s. She would have a short but successful run as a tennis star. Retiring due to a knee injury. Today Mary is one the most popular female sports commentators. And now appears on the tv show "Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel".more


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    • Mary Carillo: (After being asked what was her first story) I did a profile on Charles Barkley. Talk about a lay-up. [LAUGHTER] All I had to do was say, "So, Charles." And he did the rest. I mean, that guy is just a walking, talking sound bite. [LAUGHTER]

    • Mary Carillo: (Going over some of her personal highlights) I did a story about a wonderful person, a golfer named Mallory Code. She was only 16 years old at the time and now she plays for the University of Florida. She was just ridden with one kind of disability after another. She had MS, and she also was diabetic. This is a kid who might not even be alive, except that she took such great care of herself. She made sure she was home-schooled, so she wouldn't be susceptible to germs. She was absolutely an exquisite person to meet, inside and out. She didn't resent her situation. She didn't feel sorry for herself, at all. It was just a life affirming, meeting this kid. I was old enough to be her mother and I spent the whole time just learning from this child. She has a wisdom, far beyond her years. Her experience had made her into one of the one of the great athletes I think I have ever met.

    • Mary Carillo: (Being asked why she thinks the show is successful) I think what Real Sports does a lot of shows aren't able to do, is to have a really good look under the rocks of stories. The fact that there are no commercials is a big factor. There is a big advantage to being able to tell a 10 or 11 or 12 or sometimes even 15-minute story, that has no break, because the narrative builds, and the emotions build, and the story gets to wind its way, without any kind of break. You don't have to break the story down into, into separate components. It gets to unfold.

    • Mary Carillo: (Being asked what stories she enjoys convering) "I am the woman on the show. I get the "chick stories." [LAUGHTER] I like stories that have a lot of heart. I like stories about underdogs, or athletes who are trying to come back from being down. I like the personal stories like that. It's not just gender. It's generational, as well. I am a mother of two, so I guess I like stories about kids. Or about grownups who behave like kids. I tend to like the quieter stories, the ones with people you might not have heard of. They have every bit as much right to have their story told as the best stars in the business."

    • Mary Carillo: (Talking about the show) The whole point of Real Sports is to have a handful of stories that are well-told, and that are looked at differently from what you normally get from newspaper or normal TV coverage.

    • Mary: (After she lost a tennis match)I blame society.

    • Mary: I have a great mix of stuff in my life. I go from being on the road and working to being a mother. You get the bends. But I love what I do.

  • Oh Mary Carillo.

    Mary Carillo, - Mary Carillo is a favorite of mine, that is why i became the editor for her. I first found out about her while watching the 2008 Summer Olympics. Her segments went behind the scenes of China and showed what was really going on during the show. Her offbeat charm and her comedic talent was funny, so funny in fact i kept watching more. From the panda to the tea pots she never failed to show off her job, an ex tennis star mary has done well for herself become a head person in the world i hope she does well/moreless