Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio


11/17/1958, Lombard, Illinois, USA

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She is a very low profile actress and singer. She has starred in the films: Scarface The Color of Money Slam Dance The January Man The Abyss Fools Of Fortune Uncle Vanya Class Action Robin Hood: The Prince of Thieves White Sands Consenting Adults Three Wishes Two Bits…more


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    • Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio: (about the filming of the movie The Abyss) I remember being hugely impressed by Jim Cameron when I met him. This man was completely focused and could describe and defend all of his ideas with clarity and enthusiasm. Before it was over I'd want to kill him at least a dozen times.

    • Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio: I'm dark and curly haired and I have an Italian surname and I've always known that it didn't help things. Especially as I'm not East Coast. I'm not that fashionable Soprano type of Italian from Brooklyn or New Jersey with the strong accent.

    • Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio: I've never been comfortable with very sexy roles, which is probably why I've been cast in films where I'm either saving the earth or destroying it.

    • Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio: I'm not anti- fashion. My own tastes are eclectic - a fitted man's suit or a long skirt with boots - and I love beautiful style. But I'm worried that fashion has become the disposable bit of our culture that's dictating everything. The whole thing is being run by 16-year- olds.