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Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

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Mary McGlynn, Anna Top, Sheri Peppars, Melissa Williamson
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Mary Elizabeth McGlynn has been an ADR director and story editor for ZRO Limit Productions, Jetix/ABC Family, Fox Family, KidsWB, Saban Entertainment and Bang Zoom Entertainment. She directed "Cowboy Bebop" the series and "Cowboy Bebop: the Movie" for the big screen. She also wrote/adapted and directed "Wolf's Rain"…more


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    • Mary: I've been lucky to play a myriad of strong women mostly due to the timbre of my voice. From Julia in Cowboy Bebop to Jaguara in Wolf's Rain to Hilda in Outlaw Star, I've had the honor of voicing some amazing women.

    • Mary: Motoko is the first leading role for me that spans an entire series. She gets to develop her skills as a leader, mother figure, sexual object and yet technically, she's not human. More like a machine with a human spirit and characteristics. This of course means that she can go at an enemy with almost a reckless abandon to her own well-being. If she breaks, she can just transfer her ghost to a new model. That's quite a feeling of freedom and I think it comes across in her personality. That also makes her great fun to play.

    • Mary: To be honest, I think I'm more comfortable in the director's chair than behind the microphone. The process of putting the pieces together while trying to tell a story is a wonderful and fulfilling challenge.

    • Mary: (about preparing for recording sessions) I sing in the shower, in the car, just about anywhere I can to get my chords warmed up. An amazing teacher named Patsy Rodenberg gave me a wonderful routine in grad school that involves humming, chewing, blowing the lips, and stretching. I also try to stay away from coffee and milk before a session. They add to mouth noises which the engineers have to clean, using up precious studio time.

    • Mary: (about favorite characters she's portrayed) I was madly in love with Spike so I lobbied hard to play Julia in Bebop. I think Jaguara in Wolf's Rain was my favorite villain. That woman was pure evil. There's something about playing a "smiling villain" that appeals to me. They show no remorse and they love what they do. Clear thinking, ala Hannibal Lecter, is a thing of beauty. Not that I recommend that as a character trait, but it's sure is fun to play!

    • Mary: (about preparation for her role as Major Motoko Kusanagi) The first Ghost in the Shell movie has always been one of my favorites long before the series came along. It was unlike anything I'd ever seen, between the animation, the music, and the more adult themed style of storytelling. When I heard they were going to continue the story of Motoko and the gang from Section 9 I was thrilled. I got the call for the audition and was lucky enough to land the role of The Major. The only research I did was to watch the movie over and over to get a better idea of how she ticked and of the world she lived in.

  • I like all the roles she gets but she deserves more.

    She was the main character in ghost in the shell. She was kurenai from naruto and helba from the .hack video game series. She was awesome from ghost in the shell i can't watch the movies since she's not in them DX. Its just weird listening to the characters having different voices then the ones we knew them as. She fit the role as the major perfectly. I think she could of gotten a much better role on naruto. They should of given her the role of Tsunade. even though i like the current tsunade she could of done a good job to. I also think she should of been on bleach.moreless
  • Helba from the .hack series and Kurenai from naruto.

    She was even the star fo ghost in the shell. She is truly amazing and is why she's one of my favorite vo's. She has alot of talent and I hope she'll get better parts soon. Out of all of her jobs she was the best in ghost in the shell. Although she did an amazing job as Helba Queen of darkness in the .hack series and video game series. I really hope ot see more of her in future shows and games. I believe she could of gotten a much better role on naruto. They should of given her the role of Tsunade. The vo they have for Tsunade even sounds a bit like her when her voice is low. The only reason I cna think of for putting her as a unimportant side character was they don't have ot pay as much. She also might have a couple of jobs on the side currently and couldn't except such a large role. I still think she would of made A great Tsunade. I also think she'd be good for Yuruichi on Bleach.moreless