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  • I like all the roles she gets but she deserves more.

    She was the main character in ghost in the shell. She was kurenai from naruto and helba from the .hack video game series. She was awesome from ghost in the shell i can't watch the movies since she's not in them DX. Its just weird listening to the characters having different voices then the ones we knew them as. She fit the role as the major perfectly. I think she could of gotten a much better role on naruto. They should of given her the role of Tsunade. even though i like the current tsunade she could of done a good job to. I also think she should of been on bleach.
  • Helba from the .hack series and Kurenai from naruto.

    She was even the star fo ghost in the shell. She is truly amazing and is why she's one of my favorite vo's. She has alot of talent and I hope she'll get better parts soon. Out of all of her jobs she was the best in ghost in the shell. Although she did an amazing job as Helba Queen of darkness in the .hack series and video game series. I really hope ot see more of her in future shows and games. I believe she could of gotten a much better role on naruto. They should of given her the role of Tsunade. The vo they have for Tsunade even sounds a bit like her when her voice is low. The only reason I cna think of for putting her as a unimportant side character was they don't have ot pay as much. She also might have a couple of jobs on the side currently and couldn't except such a large role. I still think she would of made A great Tsunade. I also think she'd be good for Yuruichi on Bleach.
  • quality voice actor with a recognizable voice. She was Julia from Cowboy Bebop, so how can you not love her?

    Okay first of all she is married to Daran Norris, who is the voice of Tasuki from Fushigi Yuugi. Ive got to give her extra points for that alone. Second, she voices Nuriko in Fushigi Yuugi, Julia in Cowboy Bebop, and stars in Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex. If anything, she at least deserves 1 perfect ten from someone. Even though others have given her perfect tens, Im adding on to the pile, because this is one of the best voice actors around. Her tone of voice can go from very serious to incredibly funny, and both work perfectly with the mood. All I can say is, great work, keep it up.
  • she voices kurina on naruto

    shes a very good anime regular strange person this name seems close to a singer i think who had the same name im pretty sure i love this woman she should probably have her own show she has lots of other great roles so i give this anime voice actor a 10.0 out of 10.0
  • When it comes to female VAs, a good majority, if not most of them are playing the typical loud-mouthed, shrilly, annoying female counter-part or sidekick.

    Ms.Mcglynn is a perfect example of not only a great female
    VA, but a female VA who can play a strong female lead
    character perfectly.

    In all her roles, the strong, mysterious, and tragic female
    characters who have important roles in the story, are done in a way that doesn\'t make them appear like second stringers or
    unecessary. They actually catch your attention.

    Even the more feminine characters she\'s played do not sound
    at all \"weak\" or forgettable. You feel for them, and again,
    they catch your attention.

    Ms.Mcglynn is by far my favorite female VA. She is very
    talented enough to be diverse in whatever role she plays.
  • Wow.

    Mary Elizabeth McGlynn is Very talented. First time hearing her was on Outlaw Star but to me, the best she ever done was the Major on Ghost in the shell SAC. Oh my god she can get into character with her!! The voice for the major is perfect for her.
  • One of the most talented Anime U.S. voice actors.

    Her resume is long and the characters that she plays as are extremely lively. She has played both pivotal and minor characters extremely well. When she plays a minor character she is an excellent piece of the plot without absorbing it into the character and when she is a pivotal character you feel the character even if you didn't see it.