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  • Helba from the .hack series and Kurenai from naruto.

    She was even the star fo ghost in the shell. She is truly amazing and is why she's one of my favorite vo's. She has alot of talent and I hope she'll get better parts soon. Out of all of her jobs she was the best in ghost in the shell. Although she did an amazing job as Helba Queen of darkness in the .hack series and video game series. I really hope ot see more of her in future shows and games. I believe she could of gotten a much better role on naruto. They should of given her the role of Tsunade. The vo they have for Tsunade even sounds a bit like her when her voice is low. The only reason I cna think of for putting her as a unimportant side character was they don't have ot pay as much. She also might have a couple of jobs on the side currently and couldn't except such a large role. I still think she would of made A great Tsunade. I also think she'd be good for Yuruichi on Bleach.