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Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Mary Elizabeth Winstead


11/28/1984, Rocky Mount, North Carolina, USA

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Mary Elizabeth Winstead in an American actress. Born on November 28, 1984 in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, Winstead turned to acting after her ballerina career ended due to her height. She first appeared in an episode of Touched By An Angel before becoming a series regular on the…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In 2013, Mary won an Emmy Award for Outstanding New Approaches - Original Daytime Program or Series in her work on The Beauty Inside.

    • Mary ranked #92 in Maxim's 2007 Hot 100 List.

    • Mary was supposed to be on Commander and Chief but her role was recast when she was unable to film reshoots due to a scheduling conflict when she was filming Black Christmas.

    • Mary was seen in a May 2006 episode of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno during a segment in which Jay randomly showed up at Mary's apartment to shoot a Saw parody.

    • Mary was supposed to play the role of Kelli for the film Black Christmas but she refused the offer because she didn't want to be stereotyped as a horror heroine for she had just finished filming Final Destination 3. But she did accept the role of Heather because she was a fan of the original.

    • Mary will star in the movie Live Free or Die Hard which is set to air in 2007.

    • Mary will star in the movies Grind House and Bobby which are due to air in 2007.

    • In 2005, Mary starred in an independent film Checking Out which wasn't released through 2006.

    • Mary was supposed to have a brief nude scene in the movie Final Destination 3. She decided not to expose herself in a film and the scene was removed.

    • Mary grew up in North Carolina and in Salt Lake City, Utah.

    • Mary's parents are James Ronald Winstead and Betty Lou Knight.

    • Mary plays Heather Lee in the movie Black Christmas which is a remake of the 1974 film.

    • Mary had a minor role in the film The Ring 2 which was cut from the film.

    • Mary starred as Gwen Grayson in the 2005 Disney film, Sky High.

    • Mary danced with the Joffrey Ballet's training program in New York City.

    • Mary had a main part in the MTV Made for TV movie Monster Island, with Carmen Electra.

    • Mary stars in Final Destination 3 which is coming out February 2006.

    • Mary left Passions in 2000 after getting a role in the FOX pilot Father Can't Cope with Scott Bakula. The series was not picked up.

    • Mary has three older sisters and an older brother.

  • Quotes

    • Mary (about her character in Final Destination 3): I think that what drives her is the pain that she feels.

    • Mary: In The Ring Two, I had to cry and be very emotional, but it had to be creepy at the same time. You have to get your head in that weird space. It's like, you know that you have to think of some of the things in life that make you really sad, emotional and angry. At the same time, though, you have to be creeped out. It sounds really weird, but I found a way to put my head in that place.

    • Mary (about her character in Final Destination 3): She gets pulled into something, which gives her purpose - to cheat death.

    • Mary (about auditioning for Final Destination 3): I was in LA and this was something my agent sent me out on.

    • Mary (about her character in Final Destination 3): It's like she just doesn't care about anything anymore.

    • Mary: It's interesting because they both [Wolf Lake and The Ring Two] required me to have an eeriness about the way that I approached the characters, which seems kind of odd.

    • Mary (about her character in Final Destination 3): Her whole world is turned upside down and she doesn't ever want to lose control ever again.

    • Mary: The feel of this film is supposed to be spooky and sort of eerie and I don't really have to think about it. You feel it in the way that the scene is being played.

    • Mary (about her character in Final Destination 3): She has a fear of losing control and a fear of roller coasters.

    • Mary (about auditioning for Final Destination 3): Basically, it was just like any other audition.

    • Mary: I have a much greater fear of losing people that are close to me.I think about that a lot more than I think about myself dying.

    • Mary (about Vancouver): I've been here a few times. I did a series here, Wolf Lake, for six months.

    • Mary (about death and dying): It's a scary thing. You don't know what's going to happen when you die, nobody really knows.

    • Mary: Even though this is a crazy, fun horror movie, I'm playing it real. The character is real to me and everything that's going on is real to me. In the end I hope they [the fans] feel that.

    • Mary (about auditioning for Final Destination 3): It was all kind of whirlwind. It took a while to set in. I was in shock for the first two weeks, because it all happened so fast.

    • Mary: I play Wendy Christensen, a high school senior. At the beginning of the movie, she's sort of a fun-loving, intelligent girl, independent, a bit of a control freak, which is a big part of her character.

    • Mary (about her character in Final Destination 3): She's trying to overcome the pain and make something positive out of it and regain control of her life and she's not going to let anything get in her way.

    • Mary (about auditioning for Final Destination 3): I tried really hard to do my best and then just moved on. I really didn't think about it at all. Then someone called and said I got the part and wanted to fly me to Canada right away.

    • Mary: You can't act eerie, but in a strange way it comes natural to me.

    • Mary: I'd love them [the fans] to just see her as a strong female character and also realistic.

    • Mary (about auditioning for Final Destination 3): I was excited about it because I auditioned for Final Destination 2, so I felt like this was my second chance to become a part of the series.

    • Mary: You have to believe that it is what you want to do with your life and you have to be dedicated to it.

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    To Mary Elizabeth Winstead,

    I wish you reserve what you have, have a coffee with me. 9325 Katherine
  • One of th best female stars of today.

    In my opinion, Mary Elizabeth Winstead is one of the most talented female actresses of today. Her acting is superb and she is also one of the most beautiful actresses today. She did a great job in all her movies especially Final Destination 3 and Sky High which I really enjoyed watching. I think that she deserves to star in more movies and T.V. shows. Perhaps "Bobby" or "Black Christmas" would be the key for her to achieve the "movie star" status. I give her 2-thumbs-up for her outstanding acting and to her successful career. I also wish her a good luck for her rising status.moreless