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    To Mary Elizabeth Winstead,

    I wish you reserve what you have, have a coffee with me. 9325 Katherine
  • One of th best female stars of today.

    In my opinion, Mary Elizabeth Winstead is one of the most talented female actresses of today. Her acting is superb and she is also one of the most beautiful actresses today. She did a great job in all her movies especially Final Destination 3 and Sky High which I really enjoyed watching. I think that she deserves to star in more movies and T.V. shows. Perhaps "Bobby" or "Black Christmas" would be the key for her to achieve the "movie star" status. I give her 2-thumbs-up for her outstanding acting and to her successful career. I also wish her a good luck for her rising status.
  • This is my review about Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

    I find Mary Elizabeth Winstead, to be one of the best current up and coming actresses. She did an excellent job in Monster Island and an even better job in Sky High. I feel that all she needs is one movie to bump her up to A-List status. I don't think that Final Destination three will give her the push, however Bobby might or hopefully her next movie. She is a great actress that i hope will be in more movies to come. Aside from being extremely talented, she is one of the most beautiful actresses in this current day and age.