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  • Mary-Kate Olsen & her very Sister Ashley Olsen are born on June 13 1986.

    Since i was young my fav. Family Show happen to be Full House. And i got into loving it & "The Olsen Twins" as Well. And I keep loving & likeing them on to their popular movies together & shows as well. Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen are my very fav. Young Actess ever in the whole world. They can Act & Party down much better then any other Young Actress are like them. But their is one only Actress does Level to the Olsen Twins are the same way good Act & Party down like then do. She is Hilary Duff my other fav. Young Actess ever in the whole world. Okay Now, Before Hilary Duff ever become popular she was very young yet in 1997/2001. And also Before i ever knew she was a very good actress & a singer. I liked The Olsen Twins alot before Hilary Duff come along. But Hilary Duff come along
    in 2001 with Lizzie McGuire Tv Series she was a little bit better then The Olsen Twins. Hilary Duff evern beated my old likes The Olsen Twins out of my number 1 spot. She is
    now my Number 1 Young Actess ever. I still like The Olsens alot but Hilary Duff Levels over them little bit better Actress then Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen are.

    My Best/Fav. Young Actress are:
    -Hilary Duff-(My Main/Number 1 Actress)
    -The Olsen Twins-(My Co-Main/Number 1 Actress)