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  • Trivia

    • She appeared on the cover of the July 15, 1986 issue of Soap Opera Digest with her close friend and Guiding Light co-star Christopher Bernau. It is the only time she has been on the magazine's cover.

    • She is an animal lover who supports a variety of animal charities. She once found a cat in the parking lot of a theater in L.A. which she adopted and named Bob.

    • When Mary Kay auditioned for the role of "India" in 1984, Guiding Light producers had a very different character in mind. Originally the part was written as a shy country girl and cousin to the popular "Beth Raines." After Mary Kay won the part, it was changed into a European Baroness, to fit her own personality.

    • When playing "Na'Toth" on Babylon 5 Mary Kay had to wear prosthetics over her head, which she found to be "very claustrophobic".

    • She has always insisted on playing strong, independent women. She has commented that she'd never play a 'goody-goody girl', no matter what she was offered.

    • Mary Kay frequently attends Guiding Light Fan Club Luncheons, where she gets the chance to interact with fans of the show. She even hosted the Luncheon in 1987.

    • Mary Kay received her theatrical training at Carnegie-Mellon University.

    • Her hobbies include golf, surfing the net, and watching baseball. She calls herself a fan of the "long-suffering" Boston Red Sox.

    • Mary Kay supports many charities including Project Angel Food, The American Cancer Society, The Hospice Foundation of America, and ZazAngels.

    • She has performed in many stage productions. Her theater credits include:

      - Compensation
      - Far East
      - A Midsummer Night's Dream
      - How the Other Half Loves
      - In Her Own Words
      - The Merchant of Venice

    • Mary Kay has a "Bacon Number" of 2.
      1) She was in Born Yesterday with John Goodman,
      2) John was in Death Sentence with Kevin Bacon.

    • In 1986, Mary Kay was nominated for a "Soap Opera Digest Award" in the category of "Outstanding Villainess in a Daytime Serial". The nomination was for her portrayal of "India Von Halkein Spaulding" on Guiding Light.

    • Mary Kay earned a B.F.A. at Emerson College, where she won the Carol Burnett Award in 1983.

    • Mary Kay is a descendant of Presidents John and John Quincy Adams.

    • The role of "Neal Keller Alcott" on As the World Turns was created especially for Mary Kay by head writer, Douglas Marland. She played the character from November 1992 to November 1993.

  • Quotes

    • Mary Kay Adams: When God was handing out patience, I was out to lunch. By nature, I've always been a bit of an impatient person.

    • Mary Kay Adams: (comparing herself and her "Guiding Light" character India) India is capable of the real emotion, real loyalty and real love. But living on the edge and society fluff... that doesn't appeal to me. The clothes that India wears are not from T.J. Maxx! India is not content until she's wearing the very expensive designer couture. I'm excited when I get corduroy pants at the Gap for 20 bucks!

    • Mary Kay Adams: I think working on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is the most fun I had in Hollywood. I say this very honestly. The first time I walked onto the set of DS9, I kept saying 'Pinch me. Pinch me, I'm on Star Trek'. I was very excited, very happy. I really like the entire environment on the show.

    • Mary Kay Adams: I think my reputation is that I'm strong, and I tend to read for wealthier people than not - something about the way I look. I don't necessarily look like a farm mom from the Midwest. I adapt as best I can to suit the character, but there are limitations. There are people who would not be able to walk in and look like a baroness, no matter what they wore or what they did.

    • Mary Kay Adams: (about her "Star Trek: DS9" character) So many times in Hollywood, or in show business in general, women are not really allowed to be strong. We are tempered. Our power is taken away. Playing the Klingon woman was such a joy because throughout my entire career I have had directors say to me, 'OK, Mary Kay, just pull back a little bit.' This was the first time I was ever told, 'OK, we need you to be stronger!' It was Christmas!