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  • Ageless beauty.

    Parker is currently known for the Showtime show Weeds which is a funny look at suburban life from the point of view of a pot-dealing widow. Parker has also been in movies such as Saved, seemingly quite at ease playing single mothers. She is one of those beautiful woman who never seems to age. She plays the mother because of her actual age, but keeps your attention because she is beautiful. However, as we know, beauty and great ageless beauty only gets a person so far. Parker is quite talented bringing a nonchalance to her roles which makes them completely believable but also imminently cool. She is a delight in all her roles and a true talent.
  • She is timeless

    One of the most sought after actress in the tv industry. Some of her older movies showed how she could tackle limitless characters. One of the first time i saw her was in Angels in America. The way she stole the show even with likes of Meryl Streep, Al Pacino, Jeffrey Wright has to be seen to be believed. She has immense talent. One of my favourite scenes in Angels is when does a fully frontal with immense depth not like anyone i have seen cinema before. The Angels was a very difficult piece similar to her role in weeds which has some spark of brilliance in some episodes. The show grows on you like she does. Take care doll keep up the good work.
  • A great actress.

    I first saw Mary Louise Parker in the show The West Wing an tought that she was amazing. She was perfect for the role in The West Wing as Amy but i wish she had a bigger role in the show. I was happy when i learned she was the star in the show Weeds because now she is a show with a bigger role evan though it is a shorter season it is still good to see her on tv. I just hope that the show is one for longer and that she is in more projects in the futture because i would love to see what her acting capablities are.
  • Fasinating!

    Mary Louise Parker is an excellent actress in the show Weeds. I thought this would just be a stupid comedy with a lame actress star but Mary Louise Parker not only shows the funny side to a single mother trying to survive with 2 kids but also the real problems every single mom faces. On top of this she is trying to run her drug business in laid back suburb life. Mary Louise Parker plays both in a comedy and a drama at the same time. She is definately one to watch and to keep an eye on to see what the future holds for this fine actress.
  • A Fantastic actress First saw her in the west wing and se was fantastic. She had an excellent rapport with Bradley Whitford and the two of them really lit things up.

    A Fantastic actress

    First saw her in the west wing and se was fantastic.
    She had an excellent rapport with Bradley Whitford and the two of them really lit things up.

    I only watched weeds to see what she was like in it and got hooked

    Class show was really good and it brilliant to find a show soo good which start in august when we're soo deprived of things to watch

    Tune into weeds i'm telling you one cool doll
  • She really is a great actress!

    I think Mary-Louise Parker is an awesome actress. She played many different roles and i think she did a great job with each and every part she played.
    She played in dramas and comadys, and she was a drug user and drug dealler.. and she was awesome in every role!

    I saw her in 'A Place for Annie' and thoghth she did a wonderfull job.
    I also loved her on 'Angels in America', 'The West Wing', 'Cupid & Cate', 'Saint Maybe' and of curse - 'Weeds'.

    I really love 'Weeds', and I think that the fact that boath Mary-Louise and Justin Kirk are on the show (it is the second time they play on the same show. the first was in 'Angels in America'), makes it a wonderfull show.
  • An all-time favorite, sadly underrated

    I've always loved Mary Louise Parker. For years I thought she was one of the most beautiful and talented actresses around, but I seemed to be alone in that opinion. Then Weeds came along, and it was as though Mary Louise was sprung upon the world for the first time. Well, it's nice to finally see the spotlight on her, where it belongs. Weeds is an excellent series, and I hope it lasts a long time while managing to keep its quality, but I never would have tuned in if it weren't for its lead actress. Mary Louise has a great, subtle comic flair, but is also more than capable of handling the dramatic scenes. And I have to add that she's so beautiful that she takes my breath away every time she's on the screen.

    I truly hope that this is a Renaissance of sorts for this actress, and that she continues to be recognized for the incredible beauty and talent she possesses.
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  • She is amazing

    Mary-Louise Parker delivers a performance like no other person i have seen in television. The script is written just espically for her and she gets it accross to the writers just in the right way and the way that she is sarcastic but yet still serioud at the same time is amazing. she is really talanted.