Mary Lynn Rajskub





6/22/1971 , Detroit, Michigan

Birth Name




Mary Lynn Rajskub is an accomplished comedian/artist and actress. She has come a long way since joining the cast of Mr. Show with Bob and David back in 1995.
Mary Lynn did not actually set out to be a comedian, but when she was doing performance art and realised the audience thought she was funny, then tried the comedy scene. Her act became a parody of performance art. The unique take on live comedy quickly caught on with audiences, and shortly thereafter, Rajskub was approached by Bob Odenkirk and David Cross and asked to join the cast of their upcoming HBO comedy series Mr. Show with Bob and David. After a falling out with series co-creator Cross, Mary left the show to explore other opportunites.

Soon after Garry Shandling saw her act and she got a part on The Larry Sanders Show. During this time she also started getting more into acting and was cast in some films.

As time passed, Mary got more and more film roles, while still doing comedy on sketch shows such as The Downer Channel, and also getting guest appearances on television shows such as Veronica's Closet

Currently she is living in California, and has been working on the hit show 24 since 2003.
She is back as a series regular in the sixth season.