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  • Mary Lynn needs to appear on the show more. We don't see enough of her acting. More..more..more....

    Who doesn't love Mary Lynn..??. the smile, the eyes.. Her character needs to be back on the screen more often. I love her sultry expressions and shifty little looks on the show. She's great and absolutely gorgeous when she is being her regular self on talk shows and interviews. I'd like to see the producers of 24 give her a more active part again with Jack Bauer to help solve all the twist and turns of the show. The writers do great work on her part as a genius with computers, breaking codes and finding ways around hidden files. I'd love to meet her in person some day; her husband is a very fortunate man and I wish them all the happiness a family could have. I look forward to seeing her in more shows soon.
  • Is a very talented actress

    I really do not remember the first time I saw Mary Lynn Rajskub in a tv show or a movie evan though I have seen her in a lot of things but just not realized that was her playing the roles. I think that she is a incrediable actress and I really like how she poytraies her character Chloe on the show 24. Looking back now i think that she was amazing in her breif appearences on the show the Gilmore Girls evan though it was a small role in the two episodes she was in. I think that she is incredible and I can not wait to see what else she does with her career.
  • Great Actress

    I am suprised I don't see any reviews about Mary Lynn. So here is what I think about her.

    Mary Lynn Rajskub is a great actress.
    She is a great addition to the show 24 especially in the first hours of the 5th season.
    But I also liked her in season 4.

    I never heard of her before she started appearing on 24.

    She has also been working on a new movie called firewall, I dont really know what her part is in that movie but I am sure its a good one.

    Overall I think she should stay for at least another season in 24.
  • Loved Chloe ...

    Here it is 2012, and I just watch "24" on Netflix. LOVED IT.

    But wanted to say how much I like "Chloe" ... at first I did not care for her, but soon grew to really like her...her eye-rolling, shoulder shrugging, pursed lips, etc. Was not familiar with her - but would like to see her on something else. Did an excellent job in "24" ...
  • 24 would be nothing without her.

    I really enjoy seeing Mary's character in action on 24! She dose such a good job at portraying a computer geek who is on a mission to save the world. 24 would be nothing without her. I could not imagion Jack saving the world Chloe at his side. Chloe rocks! I can't say that I have viewed many other shows that she is in besides Legaly Blond 2 and Little Miss Sunshine. These roles however were minor but she still acted very well. I whis that she would be in some more shows becasue she is quite talented. She is an accomplished actress, singer, and comedian and I hope to see alot more of her in the future.
  • The best!

    Absolutely fabulous! That about sums it up! she is so awesome! Wow she not only is a great actress but a great comedian as well. Obliviously she is mostly know for her awesome role in 24 which also rules! The role she plays in 24 is awesome, she brings so much suspense and she has such a sense of security for Jack which makes the show so much better! Not only does her character make the show better she is just perfect for the part! She makes the show so much better because she plays the part so well, she makes you feel like there isn't a barrier between fake and real! Awesome character and awesome actress mix very well!
  • mmm, Mary Lynn, you are intrinsic to \\\"24\\\"<br /> I love your character and wow - are you a hottie!!!<br /> Stay with \\\"24\\\" - You are big now but you\\\'ll be bigger than big when you decide to move o

    \\"24\\\" one of the greatest creative writing scemes in hollywood! You can learn from the cast of actors as well. Keifer I\\\'ve watched you ever since your Vampire days!!! Your a great actor...Mary Lynn is amazing and what an actress she is...I would love to see \\\"Chloe\\\" in more action scenes though - kinda kickin some arse! I really enjoy the graphics of the show and the how the scenes are organized...I think each season gets better and better! Love it!
    Hope to meet you all someday (especially Mary Lynn)!!!
    7th season - 8th season - 9th season - 10th season!
  • Unique in the boring tv landscape.

    There are so many actresses that can\'t act and get their parts based on their looks. Mary is pretty and can act. She does a very good job in the different situations that the actors are always having to deal with on 24. She never disappoints. She doesn\'t do a half hearted job. I never get tired of watching her be blunt with people. I hope one day that she gets the emmy that she deserves for her part. She has put years into building a character that more and more people see and like each season. Maybe next year.
  • Chloe... is the shiznit Yo!

    The character Chloe, is perfect. I truly liked Mary Lynn's performance on the show, and she had a way of drawing you close to her, being Bauer's savior so many times in the series. The tears in her eyes at the end of Season 8 said it all. Heartbreaking she is a diamond in the rough. I am going to miss Chloe O'Brian..........
  • She is one of the reasons I watch the show. It's always nice to see Chloe in the plot.

    She is great. An important part of the show. She is perfect for the part. She is really a good actress, her expressions and attitude fit the part perfectly. I looks like the kind of person you would meet in your office building or at a coffee shop or something. Her girl-next-door look makes the show seem more real than without her. The only thing I don't like about her is the fact that she got involved in that global warming, save the planet, crap after the show. I don't know if she really beleives that stuff or the people who are paying her told her she had to do it.
  • It's Always the Quiet Ones...

    Chloe O'Brian has fast become one of my favorite TV characters. This girls got it all! I watch 24 just as much for her as anything else. That 'Rambo Chloe' scene was amazing, and her relationship this past season only adds to her characters mystery. I'm not too thrilled about making her character pregnant, but it may grow on me. Actually, I was hoping for more action out of her. More field work. I think her character deserves that, not mother-bound. For some reason, the writers of this show bog the storyline down with children-in-peril B-stories. It's a cheap plot tool that I wish they'd strike.
  • World's Hottest Nerd!

    Mary Lynn Rajskub has a weird last name, but I don't mind. I'm in love with the actress and if I find the time, I'll write her a letter. she is one of the reason why I watch "24" every single weel. Not this season, because my heart belongs to "Heroes." But despite that, my heart belongs to this sctress who excit me by each and every season. She has improved by each season and getting better by each and every year. I can't wait for next season. If "Heroers" isn't on, I go straight to "24" and watch her.
  • Genius!

    For me 24 got even better when Mary Lynn joined the cast. She took a character which could easily have been hated, and turned her in to one of the most loved. She is fantastic and watching her character grow has been amazing. She also adds the tiny bit of comedy to 24 which I love. It's a shame she hasn't won any awards yet but hopefully she will be there for many seasons to come and get the recognition she deserves! I don't know how I would go on watching if they killed her off too. Well done x
  • One of the very best.

    Mary Lynn Rajskub is one of the best actress i have seen for quite a while. She has been a najor force in the sucess of 24 for a couple of seasons and yet she is not even nominated for the actress in a supporting role in the upcoming Golden Globe Awards. That confirms that she is underrated and is a much better actor than she is rewarded to be one. She is a very intelligent actress and can peform all kind of roles as she has shown that already, over the last few years she has been involved in comedy roles but adapted really well to a role of a very serious kind in 24. This is where she is remarkable that she can adapt to to situations very differently. Mary, therefore, ROXXX.
  • Mary Lynn is awesome

    Mary Lynn Rajskub who we have come to love as character Chloe O\'Brian on the Emmy Award Winning Series and critically acclaimed 24. She first appeared in season 3. Overtime we have come to love her. I think her character was recognized the most in the 4th season when Chloe takes down a terrorist with a machine gun after being ambushed by them. Unfortunately Mary Lynn has not been nominated for important awards such as the Screen Actors Guild, Emmy\'s, People\'s Choice, or even the Golden Globes. She\'s such a great actress. Hopefully her character will beon 24 for more upcoming seasons.
  • ...

    Brilliant Actress, One If Not MyFavourite Actress Of The Year! And Is A Confident And Funny Actress Who Is Powerul Towards The Audience In A Way To Get The Audiences Attention! She Is Brilliant In 24 And Can't Wait Until She Appears On The Simpsons! Yet She Will Be Appearing As Her 24 Character. So It Should Be Very Good And Interssting To Watch, But Overall Sh Is An Amazing Actress, And Is Very Good And Confident At/In Her Job! I Just Wish That Her Character On 24 Had Not Had Her Best Friend As Such Killed By The Dangerous Gas In Season 5!
  • Seldom have I seen an actor or actress blossom into the star that she has become. She is to be applauded for taking on her character, Chloe, and really making her her own. She gets better with each new season!

    When the character of Chloe O'Brien first appeared on the show 24, I don't feel that she generated much interest. As a matter of fact, I thought she would probably just be there for a season. Slowly but surely, however, Chloe has evolved from a somewhat mousy, uninteresting character into a force to be reckoned with. Her loyalty and devotion to Jack Bauer are unequaled by any of the other characters. She never lets him down! She will go to extreme lenghts in order to assist him no matter the situation. I would even go so far as to say that she is the second most vital member of the cast of 24. She's amazing and great!
  • I really like Mary. She was phenomenal in Punch Drunk Love. I think she is perfectly cast as a co-star because she knows how to expose other character's flaws as well as add just enough comic relief to the rigors of a lengthy film/TV shoot.

    Mary may seem lame to many viewers, because she spends so much time deadpanning in her delivery. Well, I say "great", because that will win her an Emmy for 24 one of these years. If I could choose one actress I want in my next movie, it would be her. Have you seen "Firewall" ? Who else could have stunned the audience with naivete, innocence, and yet still be strong? I really thought that was her best work to date. Well, anyway, I guess I can't come up with anything else, because it's getting late and I'm fresh out of ideas.
  • Lynn Rajskub:

    We love her character and route for her as much as we do Jack. She knows what a friend is. She is so smart as Chloe and we know she's got Jack's back. We often say, "wait til Chloe finds out!" She's a loveable person. Not just her character, she appears to be that loveable in real life. The show would not be the same at all without Chloe. We have lost a lot of characters we loved but survived....if we lost Chloe I'm not sure we would still be the dedicated fans of 24 that we are. We own all of the seasons on DVD and encourage our friends to tune in. Did you change writers this season? You are not up to par with the standards you set!!!
  • 24 couldn't live without her.

    She is so not hot, but that is under my opinion. Anyway, Mary Lynn Rajskub acts as Chloe O'Brian in 24, a smart person who helps then track things down like Fayed or something. At S3, she was not as awesome as she was in the next seasons, all she did was listen to Jack scream, but in the second half she was better. In S4 she was fired by Erin because she was supporting Jack. Michelle put her back in motion. In S5, damn she was useful. She helped in a lot of ways, she rocks! In S6, she renovated herself- she was more attractive than before. She is one of the all-time greats!