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  • mmm, Mary Lynn, you are intrinsic to \\\"24\\\"<br /> I love your character and wow - are you a hottie!!!<br /> Stay with \\\"24\\\" - You are big now but you\\\'ll be bigger than big when you decide to move o

    \\"24\\\" one of the greatest creative writing scemes in hollywood! You can learn from the cast of actors as well. Keifer I\\\'ve watched you ever since your Vampire days!!! Your a great actor...Mary Lynn is amazing and what an actress she is...I would love to see \\\"Chloe\\\" in more action scenes though - kinda kickin some arse! I really enjoy the graphics of the show and the how the scenes are organized...I think each season gets better and better! Love it!
    Hope to meet you all someday (especially Mary Lynn)!!!
    7th season - 8th season - 9th season - 10th season!