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Mary Lynn Rajskub


Mary Lynn Rajskub Fan Reviews (20)

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  • I really like Mary. She was phenomenal in Punch Drunk Love. I think she is perfectly cast as a co-star because she knows how to expose other character's flaws as well as add just enough comic relief to the rigors of a lengthy film/TV shoot.

    Mary may seem lame to many viewers, because she spends so much time deadpanning in her delivery. Well, I say "great", because that will win her an Emmy for 24 one of these years. If I could choose one actress I want in my next movie, it would be her. Have you seen "Firewall" ? Who else could have stunned the audience with naivete, innocence, and yet still be strong? I really thought that was her best work to date. Well, anyway, I guess I can't come up with anything else, because it's getting late and I'm fresh out of ideas.