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  • Great actress.

  • In plain: Awesome!


    I've seen most of her work by now and I think she's just awesome. She does wit and spunk best but the range of her acting is wider than that. Some of the movies she's done aren't that top notch but she still does a great job in them so creds.

    And yes it was In Plain Sight that really got me hookedand made me start to watch her other work but I do remember her from Murder One (and two *lol*) and High Heels.

  • Very good actor.

    Mary McCormack plays the lead role of Mary Shannon in the new show ' In Plain Sight ', which I am certain is going to be a big hit, if it continues the episode at the standard they have quickly set in first two episodes.

    Mary is a U S Marshall, who we are slowly learning about, she works for the Witness Protection programme, which helps relocate criminals and witnesses who would otherwise be in danger if left at their "homes".

    Mary plays this role very well, she is a very independant woman and the type of character that doesnt take no for an answer, she wont get pushed around by nobody and is a "tough girl", overall I think this type of role would be hard to get right, but Mary has done a very decent job.
  • Beautiful and Talented

    Ever since I first saw Mary McCormack as Howard Stern’s wife in Howard Stern’s Private Parts, I have been enthralled with her. The thing I really like about Mary McCormack is the she is a beautiful woman yet she doesn’t shy away from taking non-glamorous roles like her role as Debbie in ER. Or as in her role as Kate Harper on the West Wing, she’s sophisticated and yet still remains elegant. She has movie star good looks, yet she makes her characters show their intelligence without coming across a domineering. As her role as Justine Appleton in Murder One she can be incredibly sexy as well.