Mary Murphy

Mary Murphy


Lancaster, Ohio

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Mary serves as a national dance judge, technical dance teacher, competitive dancer and founder of the Champion Ballroom Academy in San Diego, CA. Mary was the Austrian National Champion in 1990 and 1991, and performed with her partner in the World Cup Final. In a later partnership, she…more


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    • Mary: I am one strange bird up there in Hollywood. You know, my mother was born in Dublin. I'm an Irish Catholic, I've been having meat and potatoes my whole life. I try to stay away from desserts, I have such a sweet tooth, oh my gosh, I can hardly pass a choc chip cookie. If they're hot, look out. There's no way I can say "no." You never know what's going to happen in your life, so if the cookie happens to come by my face, I'm going to enjoy [laughs]. I'm certainly not Hollywood thin, that's for sure, they're all like size 0 and 2. It's hard for me to even find clothes in Los Angeles [laughs].

    • Mary: I lost probably the biggest love of my life last year. I had my dog, Cha Cha, for 16 and a half years. She was a black and white mini schnauzer and she's still on my MySpace. And even now when I come home I still think I'm going to see her. She went to the dance studio with me every single day. So it was a tough year last year. She was so cute.

    • Mary: The last thing I want to see when someone is doing the foxtrot is crotch!