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Mary Tamm

Mary Tamm


3/22/1950, Bradford, Yorkshire, England, UK



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Mary Tamm is the daughter of two Estonians immigrants. She was born in Bradford (Yorkshire, England) on March 22nd 1950. She is a RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) graduate; in her time there she won the Emile Littler and the Hannam Clarke awards. Directly after her leaving…more


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    • Mary: (On working with Tom Baker on Doctor Who) I loved working with him. I do think he was the best Doctor and he brought such a lot of humour to it, which wasn't in the script. We would both do little tweaks with the lines and, as we got to know each other better, we put lots of little jokes in for ourselves.

    • Mary: (On the environment) I'm a bit of a green nut. I go to the supermarket with my own bags and it drives me mad seeing people grabbing for the plastic. I have even said in a loud voice, "I've brought my own bag." Some people look but I don't care. We have to fight for the environment.

    • Mary: (commenting on the new series of Doctor Who) I did watch some of the new series, but it's on at a time when I'm never at home, although I try to record it. I do think it's brilliant. I feel slightly envious because the production values are so wonderful.

    • Mary: (On doing the commentaries for Doctor Who's The Key to Time series) It was weird because I was panicking, thinking that I won't remember anything, but the moment I sat down it came flooding back. Tom Baker, John Leeson and I were very close and that closeness came back and we supplied the gaps in each other's memories about it.

    • Mary: (answering a question on where she would be if not being interviewed) On my computer, probably defragmenting or something. I am a bit of a computer nerd you see. I'm self-taught and fascinated by how they work.

    • Mary: (On her reaction when she saw the script for a guest role on the show Crime Traveller in 1997) When I started reading the script, I thought: "Blimey, this isn't much of a part!", but there are flashbacks when they go back in time to solve the crime.

    • Mary: (On comparing her character Romana in Doctor Who to the preceding companions just after she had been announced as the new companion) The Doctor's other girls were in the background, but I am being given a chance to create a personality.

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