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  • True fans...

    Hello fellow Mary Tyler Moore fans, I am currently producing the short film Moving Millie, and thought you might be interested. Moving Millie is a romantic, fun, and inspiring short film paying homage to some of the great classic sitcom comedies like Dick Van Dyke and I Love Lucy.

    Why are we producing this film? is something about the great classic sitcoms of the 1950/60s that stand the test of time. The wholesome jokes and high energy physical comedy has made audiences laugh for over fifty years. It is no wonder that Dick Van Dyke is being honored this year with the SAG Lifetime Achievement Award (not to mention last years recipient Mary Tyler Moore).

    As young artists, we have always admired, and tried to emulate the comedic styling's of these great performers. We found ourselves in an age where crude, edgy, and/or slacker humor is the focus of mainstream comedy, searching for something more truthful.

    We are currently raising money for the project. Please help support our efforts by spreading the word and/or donating to our indiegogo campaign. Find us on under Moving Millie.
  • A legend in her own right!

    I think that Mary Tyler Moore is a legend in her own right and that she starred in great shows like the Mary Tyler Moore show and the Dick Van Dyke show. As well as a bunch of tv movies. Still just one of the all-time great legends who deserves the title of legend IMHO! She will still be in reruns when she herself is gone. And for that, I am glad and grateful!
  • A legend

    I have always been a fan of Mary Tyler Moore. It did not matter if she was Laura Petry or Mary Richards, Mary Tyler Moore had a way of working her character in to your heart. How many people out there actually went to bed each night thinking Mary richards was an angel when in fact if you paid attention close enough, you discovered the real truth.
    I have also enjoyed Mary Tyler Moore in some of her better movies roles as well and even today she is still one of the greatest talents of all time. We love you Mary!