Mary Woronov





12/8/1943 , Brooklyn Heights, New York City, New York USA

Birth Name

Mary Woronov




Mary Woronov has come to be one of the most commonly recognized cult actresses today. Her career began with the Andy Warhol Factory in the sixties. She later met director Paul Bartel & producer Roger Corman and starred in some of the most interesting cult classics of all time including Sugar Cookies, Silent Night Bloody Night, Seizure (Oliver Stone's first film), Death Race 2000, Hollywood Boulevard, Rock 'n' Roll High School, Eating Raoul, Motorama, Nomads, and Warlock. She also has written and published four excellent books entitled Swimming Undergroud: My Years in the Warhol Factory, Niagra, Snake, and Wake for the Angels: Paintings and Stories. She also has guest starred in some of the biggest tv shows of all time including Charlie's Angels (the highest rated episode in the series Angels in Chains), Taxi, Cheers, Knight Rider, Murder She Wrote, St. Elsewhere, Wings, and Highlander. She still keeps busy in the new millineum as she has starred in Frog-g-g, The Whole Warhol, The New Women, The Vampire Hunters Club, Citizens of Perpetual Indulgence, and Straight Right.