Masakazu Morita

Masakazu Morita


10/21/1972, Tokyo, Japan

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Morita Masakazu
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Masakazu is a Japanese seiyu and an actor. He was born in Tokyo Japan, and he has done voice over roles for characters including Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach, Tidus from Final Fanatsy X and X-2, Kazuki Hihara from Kiniro no Corda, and Auel Neider from Gundam Seed Destiny.…more


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    • (After being asked what he would like to do in the future)
      Masakazu: Work wise, I'd like to do some stage work. I started off acting on stage, so I'd like to go back to acting on stage and on TV, but that's quite a ways into the future. I just don't have the time with how things are right now.

    • (After being asked about what he wants to portray when voice acting)
      Masakazu: When I read the comic [manga], I can feel the mood, the tension that the drawings create, and I can really imagine hearing the dialogue. So when I put voice to the characters, it's important that I try to recreate that mood as much as possible without any distortion.

    • (About Tite Kubo's drawing and effects in the Bleach manga)
      Masakazu: It's one of those things that you can read on without really noticing. But after you go over it again, and think about the frame size on each page or the kind of effects he's using, you realize how well it's drawn out.

    • (When talking about the first time he and Tite Kubo met)
      Masakazu: I had other work scheduled that day and had to leave early, so I didn't really get to talk with him.

    • (After Tite Kubo said that he has many ideas to work on for Bleach, but will only use the few best in the future)
      Masakazu: I'm looking forward to it! (laughs)

  • Masakazu Morita is god

    Masakazu Morita plays the voice Ichigo the main character in the Japaneses version of bleach. Masakazu Morita is a very good voice actor able to show the proper emotion with out using to much of it. He is one of if not the best voice actor in Bleach and in anime in general. Masakazu Morita in my opinion was a perfect person to chose. He was also great in final fantasy X as Tidus. Masakazu Morita in short is the best voice actor in bleach and one of the best in anime and was also very very good as Tidus in Kingdom hearts Final fantasy X and final fantasy X-2. Thank you for reading I hope you found this review helpful.moreless