Masam Holden

Masam Holden


7/23/1993, Glendora, California, USA

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Trivia and Quotes

  • Give him a main character!

    Masam Holden. If not for two days in a row of him appearing on television, I would not have noticed him.

    I think, as he grows older, he should get a main role for his ownself. He should get a leap in fame!

    He's blur emotions in Criminal Minds did not really show his talent. But in Ghost Whisperer, that is where one can see his talent.

    With a little molding and a chance to get a main role in maybe a television series or a movie, I think he will make a good actor and a famous on too.

    Quite cute.

    I hope that in future, he will be a someone famous.moreless
  • After recently watching Masam act on Without a Trace i think he's a really good actor and will hopefully get bigger roles in the future, we only get to see some of his talent in this show!moreless

    After recently watching this kid on Without a Trace i ran to the computer to look up who this amazing actor was, bit disappointed to see that he hasn't done any other work but hopefully he will get more and bigger roles vin the very near future.

    We only get to see some of his talent in Without a Trace but he did a really good job acting as a kid who was taken by a man with problems. He reminds me a lot of the younger Jacob Smith, very cutemoreless