8/27/1974, Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Birth Name

Mason Durell Betha


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Since his auspicious arrival, attached to 112's certified gold single "Only You," Bad Boy Entertainment's Mase has been an attention-grabbing rapper--reflecting both the simplicity of true hip-hop and the grabby saavy of chart-topping pop. In just a few short months the mellow-voiced MC has easily leap-frogged from relative…more


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    • Attempted a comeback on May 2004 with Welcome Back, which had few curse words on the album. This unexpected style caused sparks between him and former high school friend and multi-platinum rapper Cam'ron.

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  • After 5 long years serving the lord hes back in the rap game mase aka mason durrell betha the greatest rapper ever and i never known he was retire after the rap game to follow the lord and i not made at him he was represent the lord and savior good for ymmoreless

    Mase the best rapper alive and i love some of his music including his latest cd welcome back and he still got it after 5 long years out of the rap game he is the greatest rapper ever and i still love him even know he no longer with diddy and now with g-unit that the rumor i heard from my cousin anyway mase the greatests rapper ever the best rapper at bad boy but diddy refuses to do his concert thing for him and i betcha 50 cent have something to do with it low down hip hop son of bezzelbub and is true mase will always be my favorite rapper forever and forever and i still love him even he with g-unit and dr. dre at least he not down with 50 cent and his secret gang clanmoreless
  • What can i say who else could take five years off

    Alright it's mase one of the best rappers out there to day. Not much people can rap better than him and his style barely changed.

    It's funny how he is still good when he barely curses. I think his best song is my harlem Lullaby but that is just me so He is back to stay.