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    Masi Oka plays the hero on "Heroes" who can travel through time, teleport and stop time with his mind. I don't tend to agree with all of the people who absloutely love him and who say that he is their favourite character on the show. I actually think that his acting is quite average and tallentless but I guess it's because his character is so simple to play. I might be wrong though..
  • Masi is a very talented actor and does very great work in both acting and in SGI.

    Masi has does great work in Heroes not only as an actor but even when he puts in his two cents in with any if not all SGI works.

    I love his role as Hiro on Heroes. It seems like his charactor gets better and better everytime.
    I look forward to more of Masi's work and acting.

    Masi's English is very well spoken and it is very impressive. Although he has lived in America for the majority of his life.
    I couldn't see anyone else playing his role on Heroes. I am very glad to see him do his own thing as well.
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    Really great! Yataaa! And he did the water scenes for POTC! Amazing, we love you Masi!
  • An Actor getting much deserved atention in his new show Heroes. A real likeable person.

    I have never really noticed Masi Oka until the show Heroes, and i must say he is leaving quite a mark. For me he is one of the highlights of the show, it is clear the message he is trying to pass, even a great character has to be greatly performed, and indeed Masi Oka convinces me that the person he is playing is real and going through all that for real. This character atracts a lot of attention so it\\\'s normal that with it comes some haters that dislike anybody that is so widely liked, as i have seen that his character Hiro is.

    It is easy to mistake the Actor with the persona he is playing , but in his interviews he shows great humility and enjoyment for what he does, it\\\'s just great to see him ate work.
  • A cool, geeky person, who plays my favorite person on heros, Hiro.

    Masi Oka plays the funny, geeky, Hiro, who had the power to stop time. But now, Hiro seemed to to lose his powers. Masi is a really good actor and i think he deserves to be in a nouther show. If he was, I think I would watch just because he is a good actor. It is also kinda unny that on the show, his dad is the actore who played a person in Stateck, one of Hiro's favorite shows. As, you could probably tell, I think MAsi Oka is a great actor who, personally, I think he should have his own show. That's my review on Masi Oka and I give him a 9 out of 10.
  • Rising Talent

    Masi Oka is a hilarious and talented actor. Most of us recognize him from the current NBC sci-fi hit "Heroes". In Heroes, Masi Oka plays the Japanese character Hiro Nakamura with the ability to stop time and teleport. In Heroes, his character is portrayed as brave as well as hilarious. Hiro has a somewhat sort of a sidekick named Ando, who at now doesn't show any sort of super ability. Masi Oka has appeared in other shows such as the canceled Fox comedy Luis as well as former ABC comedy Less Than Perfect. Congratulations to Masi Oka for receiving such a awesome role on a great television series called Heroes.
  • He's the SWEETEST thing ever!!!

    I just can applause in front of such a talented guy who makes me want to hug him everytime.
    His role of Hiro in Heroes the serie was an amazing opportunity for him and the wolrd now can witness how talented he is. He brought to us that famous Hiro in a way only him could've done and I'm greatfull he was the one chosen to portray Hiro. I'd never thought I would've felt in love with a total nerdy character, but I actually did. There's nothing I can hate about him. For being the man behind Hiro, I wish Masi alot of success in his acting career.
  • He's so adorable. You just want to hug him.

    From the first episode of Heroes, Hiro was one of my favorites just because he was so cute. He's so noble and innocent and the type of person you just want to hug, especially upon his proclamation that he's going to be a super-hiro! Then, I was watching a rerun of the Gilmore Girls episode he was in and I was like no way that can't be Hiro, but lo and behold confirmed it was indeed him. The fact that he is on my two favorite shows only served to to solidify my infatuation with him. Ah he's just priceless.
  • He makes a cute hero in Heroes as a time traveler,and hes from japan,which is awesome,he is smart according to his degrees too.

    I think hes a really cute guy with some talent.I especially love his cheecks and could say ive turned into a fan girl of him,it would be awesome to meet him.I think hes doing great on Heroes and its awesome that hes japanese cause i like japanese culture and language
  • Masi Oka, Will You Marry Me?

    My perfect guy is the one who knows just how to act in the perfect way in a character, yet shows no signs of his real self. Masi Oka is an amazing actor, and I can't imagine him being just a smart scientist (In real life, he's a computer God). He's helping change the look of prime time so that we see more cute Asian boys represented who look really Asian (can you tell I have a thing for Asian guys? Hehehe). He's on his way to become a huge star and I can't wait to see this guy really explode in the scene and transition into films.

  • He's a talented actor! So cute and funny! So is ando.

    His acting is great! His character is funny and cool. He may not be the best looking but I think his character is so cute. And his acting. He's so funny and cute. I just can't wait to see him in Season 2 with his abilities. I hope he can control it well soon. It's sad he didn't get to save Charlie. Anyway back to topic, I think he should be given a chance to act in more shows. I like the way he close his eyes and tries to stop time, I tried doing that and yes it does give a headache, i take my hats off him (:
  • Hehe. Oh Masi Oka, will you ever win?

    Hehe. Oh Masi Oka, will you ever win? (What? I don't know either...)

    Hiro is my favourite Hero, and Masi Oka does a brilliant job playing him! And he is actually fairly funny in real life to! He also appeared on Scrubs, Austin Powers: Goldmember and various other movies and TV Shows. Now that i've seen Heroes he is just kinda popping up everywhere.

    He should get his own show or a big movie role someday, i'd love to see him do more work.

    He is funny on Scrubs and makes a great comic relief on Heroes. Give the man some more work!
  • He plays Hiro on Heroes. So, that's what the people want.

    I personally think that Masi Oka was incredibly underappreciated. He plays Hiro on the hit show Heroes, and that really brought his name to fame. He's one of the biggest characters, and people love him and his actor. Masi is somewhat of nerd, it seems, but that's why he's so cool. He worked on amazing special effects in movies like Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean, plus he acts. At first, I was probably like a lot of people, and had no idea who he was, but then I saw Heroes and saw all of the stuff he did. He can really play a good character, so give him props!
  • I love him and I really think he should be bigger cause he deserves it!

    I love Masi Oka! He plays Hiro Nakamura in Heroes so great! I think I would not love the Hiro character if it wasn't played by Masi Oka. He has a big talent. I love when he does his "Yattah" and "Flying man! Whooosh!" LOL! I just love him! I'm wondering, how come he's not been discovered sooner? He is such an great actor in his way of becoming a big, huge star! I would love to see him in a number of movies but I wish he stays in Heroes until the end! We love you, Masi Oka !
  • Awesome actor!

    Masi Oka is a talented actor. He has a 180-plus IQ. I have not actually watched any other shows he has been in besides Heroes. He does a great job as Hiro Nakamura, he's hilarious and cracks the best jokes! Not only is his character funny, but he's a funny person. His talent and life as an actor will just keep geting better, he has a vast choice of opportunity in front of him. I love his "YATTA!!!" It's classic! He does a great job with Hiro's accent and speaks Japanese fluently, Masi Oka is one of my favorite actors on Heroes.
  • Reason that I watch Heroes is for him!

    No wonder he is so popular and I can tell why. Very smart, sweet, cute, and also very modest and humble about his success. People wished that they were like him. To be honest, he is the soul of Heroes in the ensemble cast. If he left, I wouldn't be a happy person at all. He is one of the main reasons I watch the show. Glad to see him also grounded in real life too!
  • All Right Masi.

    Here's what I say about Masi Oka. His Character on Heroes, Hiro Nakamura, is so funny. I love how he says Ya da. and his time traveling power is pretty cool. He should play the main character in a movie. I have also seen how he did some special effects for movies. I bet those effects were good. I've read that James Kyson Lee, who plays Ando originally auditioned for Hiro. I mean, No offense to James but, I think Hiro is better of being played by Masi. But James makes a good Ando. I hope some day Masi will have a show where it's all about his character.
  • I heard somewhere that his character in Heros was an after thought. Wouldn't be the same without him.

    I heard on an interview that his character was an after thought because the director or writer's liked him so much they decided he needed to be in it. Who knew that his character would turn out to be one of the most popular in the whole show. He's definatly my favorite. I've always been fascinated with the Japanese (who knows why??) and when I saw him for the first time I just fell in love with the character and his acting. I like his character above the others because they all seemed to have negative views about thier powers but he instantly sees himself as a super "hiro". I just love that about him. He's such a positive character and Masi Oka does a brilliant job playing him. It fits well into his personality because the character was written for him.
  • Masi is awesome! He's really funny and a good actor too!

    I think Masi Oka is a rising star. I have never realized that Masi has been in so many of my favorite shows and movies! Gilmore Girls, Austin Powers in Goldmember, Without A Trace, Reba... The list keeps going. Masi's character in Heroes in one of my favourite, aside from Milo Ventimiglia's character, Peter. Of course I was a fan of Milo's since he was on Gilmore Girls playing Jess <3. Masi is so funny and plays his character Hiro so well. I love his scenes because Hiro is different from some of the other characters on TV right now. Masi really makes his character on Heroes his own.