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    • (How he got into acting and doing TV.)
      Oka: It was pretty much in college. Elementary and high school I had a touch of it, but when I went to college, I realized I wanted to actually study it as a major, and I did theatre arts as part of my collegiate degree, and it was very cool. I love the idea of breaking labels and stereotypes. In high school, I was on the math team, chess team, computer team, all that. It was very very focused on one side of the brain. College is kind of a spiritual education and a social education, so it was time for me to grow as a human being. I wanted to kind of break the mold and try something else. I knew theatre was kind of cool, and I thought it was a great study as a human being, and I just fell in love with it. It also opened my mind and you get to see things from all different perspective and get to meet a lot of different, interesting people. I was very fortunate to be able to carry it on after I graduated.