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    • (About the auditionings for Heroes.)
      Oka:What happens in the audition process is that they give you a breakdown of what the character's going to be like in the script and your agent or representative submits you. In the pilot, you go through four rounds, the first round is just for the casting director, the second round is for Tim Kring, the third round is for the studio, the fourth is for the network. They kind of whittle you down slowly every round and it gets a lot more intense and pressure-filled later on. The first round I had to do three scenes out of the pilot and the second round, I think I did only one. I think after the second round, they kind of knew who they were looking for, so they were comfortable with just doing one scene 'cause it had seven lines. It was pretty amazing to go through this process and know that your whole life can change with seven lines.