Masiela Lusha





10/23/1985 , Tirana, Albania

Birth Name

Masiela Lusha




Masiela Lusha was born on October 23, 1985 to parents Max and Daniela. When she was seven years old she moved to Michigan, then, a few years later she moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue acting. At the age of 12 she was the youngest author in the world to publish a book in two languages. The poetry book was "Inner Thoughts" for which she also designed the cover. She is best known for her role on the ABC show George Lopez in which she plays Carmen Lopez, the daughter. In summer of 2000, Masiela wrote a script "The Group" with 147 pages for a feature film, which is being welcomed in Hollywood in some of the biggest studios. After that, she wrote another script, "Starla".