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  • ADORABLE !!!!

    He is soooooo adorable, in this season he is much more talkative and inretacting with the rest of the cast.
    Cute and adorable :)
    In the beginning he was more quite and serious, not sure if that was what he was told to do or not, but the episodes of 2009 show a MJ charismatic, funny and just adorable !!!
    I didnt watched the season finale yet, so im not sure what will happen to him, but i hope he comes back for the next season and interact even more with the rest of the cast.
    He is just a cute and adorable little boy.
  • I really hate that kid!

    Okay, maybe it's the role, but seriously, what kind of kid is that??! He never smiled throughout the whole season, except maybe in the part where Katherine was feeding him panninis etc. He really makes me mad with his annoyed face and he never smiled at his own mom. Not even once! Is that on purpose? I don't really know why even bother enough to write a review of him, but you know, there is often a TV-series where somebody just annoys you without any particular reason. Of course, in real life he could easily be a cute little kid, but I am not sure why the authors made such a mean and repulsive character for a little boy!