Matchbox 20

Matchbox 20


Orlando, Florida (USA)

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Matchbox 20



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Matchbox Twenty
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Matchbox 20 is an American based rock band that formed in 1996. The group consists of Rob Thomas, Kyle Cook, Paul Doucette, Adam Gaynor and Brian Yale.

Matchbox 20 has become one of the most admired and consistently successful rock bands in recent history, with over 20…more


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    • Rob Thomas, Matchbox 20: Matchbox twenty has truly become its own entity, and we really wanted to let it grow and evolve on this record. When we get together, we combine all our talents into one incredible whole. That's the beauty of this band – we make a beautiful noise together.

    • Brian Yale, Matchbox 20: We were all heavily influenced by 70's rock. That's what we grew up with. So we wanted to try and get that sound onto a record, because we all felt that that's truly the kind of the band that we are.

    • Adam Gaynor, Matchbox 20: When we play live, that's the real matchbox twenty. There's Kyle and me, playing guitars and singing harmonies, there's Paul wailing on the drums, there's Pookie running around playing his bass, and on top of all that, there's Rob's incredible voice. It's about as energetic and as raw of a sound as you can get, and we wanted to put that onto our record.

    • Rob Thomas, Matchbox 20: I like something with a classic touch. That way, it's easy.

    • Rob Thomas, Matchbox 20: Ever since I can remember, I've always wanted to tell stories, but I never had the patience to sit down at a typewriter and write short stories or anything like that. I started writing songs as a way of communicating ideas the best way I could.

    • Rob Thomas, Matchbox 20: I say, if you're going to bash us, just be clever.

    • Rob Thomas, Matchbox 20: Music is a big machine that would go on with or without me.

  • I LOVE Matchbox 20!!! I grew up listening to them and they are one of my all-time favorites.

    I LOVE Matchbox 20!!! I grew up listening to them and they are one of my all-time favorites. Their songs are so...I don't know, AWESOME!!! :P But the band is just so down to Earth and real. That's what I really love about Matchbox 20. Their songs relate to things that could happen, or that have happened. Also, I love the fact that they don't follow the crowd. That takes guts, and their loyal fans, including me, respect them for it and have stayed with them. Matchbox 20 is just such an amazing and incredible band. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! YOU ROCK!!!moreless