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Mathew Baynton

Mathew Baynton

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Mat Baynton
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  • Mathew is afantastic comic actor for pretty much any parts.

    Mathew is a fantastic comic actor for pretty much any area of comedy. He has the striking ability to play a number of different characters - including drag - and a fantastically versatile range of facial expressions.Unfortunately I can't saymuch about serious drama as I haven't seen him in much but what I have seen is all good. He is a good dancer with fluid movement between moves. Mat's a talented singer, in my opinion much better than he is given credit (although he is given copious ammounts of praise and support by a growing netowork of fans....mostly girls). He is quiet in his life and hides very well, much to the disappointment of young ladieswho would rather he was easier to contact.I strongly believe that he is a rare gem and that heshould go far :) ~ JJxmoreless