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  • Not only does he make the character of Bridge Carson charming and sweet...he makes him sexy. This is one of the actors out there that I would love to meet! I watch SPD just so I can see what Bridge is going to get into next.

    One of my favorite Power Rangers! His innocence and naivitee are quite funny. It's not easy to play the comic relief and Matt pulls it off flawlessly. I don't find the character annoying at all. He's child-like and full of curiosity and wonder. He's the one that you can talk to. I can't wait to see what this young man gets into next. One things for sure, I'll be there to watch!
  • Matt

    He is a excellent actor!! He's talented and has a sense of humor in him as he plays in the role of being a green ranger. He faces challenges in all angles and tries to be the best at what he does best, such as being annoying, talks to much also trying to figure out how annoying he really is and is quite funny at times but pulls through it at the end.